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  1. It didn't dawn on me until their recent autobiographical show that Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons and the Beasties all got together when they were nobodies. A strange confluence of talents.
  2. That sweet potato dish rules and I don't even like sweet potatoes.
  3. I didn't even look at the instructions. I've been closing my grill lid with the pizza box. Even with 3 or 4 burners on, it takes a unnaturally long time to heat up; about 30 to 40 minutes. But it does eventually get pretty GD hot, and I've been happy with mine.
  4. Baller effort for that distance. You did pretty good too.
  5. Made some last night. Got the leopard crust dialed in. I think I need an infrared thermometer. First couple of pizzas took 10+ minutes: the last couple took less than 5. I did the canned tomatoes for the sauce for the first time. So easy, but makes so much. I put the extra in ziploc bags in freezer for next time. If you get a small liquid pool in the middle, is that from the cheese, or the sauce?
  6. I shoulda listened to this guy. All went well with mine prep and results-wise. Prep wasn't fun - fasting wasn't as bad as I thought, liquid prep wasn't horrible but wasn't good either, but my ###hole though. oof. Wiping about 10 times per hr for 5 to 6 hours.
  7. Thanks. Now I will be wondering about my Amazon recommendations for the next few weeks.
  8. I would probably use SUMIFS for this. In Column D, row 1: =SUMIFS($C$1:$C$100, $A$1:$A$100, A1) and copy down. For Row 1, this adds up all of the occurences of 111 in Column A. I can't tell if your example is contingent on what is in Column B. If it is, $B$1:$B$100, B1 to the end of your SUMIFS.
  9. I'll review the data from the trial. If Door A is risk of getting Covid and knowing what happens there and Door B is the risk of unknown side effects that weren't observed in a 40K trial, but probably going back to normal life, I'm going with Door B as soon as available (assuming that the safety and efficacy are there as reported to date).
  10. You forgot to mention the 20 pieces of gum that must be in his mouth. Does anyone enjoy him?
  11. I have my first colonscopy this Thursday (yay - i'm old!). Had COVID test this morning (nostril). wasn't too bad.
  12. It is rich that the people who beat their chest with pride over the US military are also typically the ones that claim to fear socialism.
  13. Shrewd move is to forgo the salary and they only have to pay her a penny for her first day. But, each day she is there, they double the amount of the previous day. Pretty sure this will work out to more than her salary after a year or so. If no movement on salary, at least get a private bathroom or some salted snacks.
  14. I just wish the trophy they sent me wasn't so big.
  15. I seem to recall that Michigan was close in 2016 too. When it comes to recounts, let's do whatever fair-minded policy that Trump advocated in 2016.
  16. Working from home has its benefits, but mostly I'm seeking music that provides good background vibe and I'm not actively listening. Two nice finds for this year are: Nation of Language - Introduction, Presence (thanks to music thread) Taylor Swift - folklore Older Molly Tuttle and We Were Promised Jetpacks are also 'new to me' this year.
  17. November 4th kind of candy. Not going to be the first candy you go for, but if you are wanting something chocolate, it's fine and better than an Almond Joy
  18. He just got a new watch. In reality, it was probably 101.
  19. It was a little boring season, but I'm actually fine with it. No faux outrage because of how someone likes their coffee. No stupid twist to favor someone. It was a relatively pure season for better or for worse. Good for Cody - well deserved. Nicole got what she deserved too - she gave out plenty of lies and backstabbing to others, so she shouldn't have been surprised when it happened to her. Tyler had pointed out to Enzo a few weeks ago that there's no way he could beat Cody, but then again, I'm not sure if Enzo had much of a case against Nicole, Christmas or Tyler either.
  20. If it gets to 65, do you bust out the tights?
  21. My expectations for tonight: - one of the comps coming down to luck - a few bitter jury votes - a whole lot of filler and then try to cram in stuff in the last 2 minutes For predictions, I'm going with Cody over Enzo to win it and Tyler for America's Choice.
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