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  1. it's been 20 years since the men's 4x100 relay team has won gold.  Twenty years?  All those track stars and all that speed. Shocking

    The exchange that blew the race looked like it was the first time those guys ever worked together. Seems to be coaching instead of the athletes.  How many times did they practice before hand? 

    "Ok guys... who wants to run in which leg?  Speak up, we only have 20 minutes until gun."  



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  2. 16 hours ago, Mr. Know-It-All said:

    So we met at 19, decided to get married because I was going into the Air Force after college.  

    Are you me?  We were HS sweethearts, met at 16 (she was 15). I joined the Air Force at 19 and knew I was leaving the state so asked her if she wanted to get married and come along.  She gladly accepted and off we went. First assignment overseas.  So a couple of kids in a new country on our own.  Had our first child 2 years later.  My wife liked the AF life so there's a difference there. Lots of good years and a few rough ones.  Kids are gone now and we have 2 grandsons. About to move closer to them.  We get along but it feels more like we're roommates these days.  We have the same values and have been together so long we sorta think the same way about most things.  She's just nuts. 

    Good luck on your fresh start. 

  3. I've worked remotely since 2015 and never plan to work in an office again.  Love the flexibility and not having to deal with office drama, politics and shananigans.  I hadn't thought much of traveling and working from different locations but it's an intriguing idea.  

    We are taking a beach trip in a couple of weeks and I plan to work from there a few days to save PTO.  Congrats on the freedom.  

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  4. I suppose I have a little criticism to go with a lot of praise.  She's great and I've always loved to watch her perform.  I'm disappointed in that I was looking forward to seeing her in action but I'm not upset at her for her decision.  

    I just wonder what was it that caused this at this time, as opposed to all her past events.  I get the pressure, feeling like everyone expects perfection. Did she see this coming?  How long has she felt this way?  

    I agree that mental health is a real thing and a real problem.  It always has been and it's good that these days it's being talked about more and more.  My question is, does she have underlying issues that causes her stress or is it just performance anxiety in these particular Olympics? Is she in her own head because she doesn't want to stumble... fall... is she afraid to fail? Is she afraid to let others down or afraid she won't live up to expectations? 

    Or does she have other issues that will follow her in the next phase of life once her performance years are behind her?  If this is the case, I hope and I'm confident that she'll get the support and love she needs through family, fans, friends, therapy, medication, etc... to get back to a normal, healthy life. 

    I don't consider her a villain or a hero in this situation.  She's human.  I support her in her decision and I'm pulling hard for Jade and Sunisa Lee. 

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  5. These guys with potential to get 7 figure NIL deals, can they and/or the schools strike a deal so they can use their scholarships for other football players?  Sponsors can pay for the superstar's school tuition (who am I kidding, they aren't going to class)... can the team use that available scholarship to bring in another 4 star?  

    Could this mess with the potential amount of scholarships available?  

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  6. 1 minute ago, supermike80 said:

    That part is being missed consistently by her defenders.  I believe its tough..its the Olympics..its SUPPOSED to be tough isn't it?  What's with this cop out of  "Oh so much pressure being heaped on one person"  Why is she different than ANY OTHER ATHLETE there?

    I'm just saying..if she quit on her team cause of the pressure..Shes a poor Olympian and forever loses this GOAT moniker.

    Much of it is self-induced pressure that the other girls do not have.  She listened to the hype and wore the goat imoji on her leotard prior to the games.  She posed for photo shoots billing her is unbeatable and has no competition.  Now, she's in the spot light and feels she has to live up to all of it.  None of the other girls have that same amount of stress. 

    Sure, they're nervous and stressed, but they are not being billed as the unstoppable force where everyone else is playing for second type of thing that Biles is facing.  That's the added pressure that I mentioned.  Again, she allowed it and embraced it.  Now she's possibly dealing with it.

    I wish they'd have waited until after the Olympics to cement her is the unbeatable icon that she is labeled.  She may still be that athlete but it may turn out that she is putting too much undo pressure on herself to perform flawlessly.  We'll see how it unfolds.  

    I agree with you that "IF" she just bailed on the team, that's a bad look.  We don't know if that's the case, though.

  7. Feel bad for her and really hope she comes back strong in the individual competition.  So much pressure heaped on a young person.  She now has her own goat imoji and taking photo ops with hashtags like this

    #nocompetition?  She's probably feeling pressure to be perfect and she doesn't have to.  Tom Brady is the goat and lost 3 super bowls. No one is perfect.

    I believe she shakes it off and wins the individual gold medal (assuming it isn't a physical injury).  Pulling hard for her.



  8. 13 minutes ago, JaxBill said:

    I feel terrible for her. But she didn't look happy at Nationals and didn't look happy yesterday. Maybe one of her reps or coaches should have asked if she wanted counseling or something. I dunno.

    At the trials she looked distracted and seemed to lose focus at times (falling off the beam on a fairly easy maneuver, for her).  The comments at the time were "get these out of your system here and be ready for Tokyo."  So far it looks like she's having the same issues this week. But because of her degree of difficulty, even if she has a slip she usually scores well.

    Her "weight of the world" comments may be telling.  If she's injured, she's injured.  I'm sure she's stressed.  She's great and maybe she puts undo pressure on herself to be perfect.  Because of her degree of difficulty, even if she has a slip she usually scores well. She doesn't have to be perfect.

    She may have some of the things that are bothering Naomi Osaka. 

    I just hope that it isn't her thinking that she has to be perfect and if she can't be... then she doesn't want to 'look human' or something like that. Even at less than herself, she's still better than the rest of the girls on the US team and I hope (* if she is not injured) that she overcomes the issue and helps the team as best she can. 

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  9. 53 minutes ago, Mrs. Rannous said:

    I see our contestant broke the record for the lowest score ever.  Nice!

    I sure hope LeVar Burton improves.  So far, he isn't that good at hosting this.

    It was like he was playing celebrity Jeopardy on SNL.  "Welcome back Burt Reynolds with negative 7,495 points... Sean Connery with -$13,500 points..." 

    Seemed like Burton was nervous. I imagine he'll get better.  Hope so anyway.  

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  10. Why bother with recruiting visits for 5 stars?  Bag men don't have to try and hide it any more (if they ever did try). Now big fish can openly recruit top talent.  "Hey, Trevon... we'd love to sign you for a couple of promotional events next year.  We're just going to need you to choose to play at Ohio State*.  Can you do that for us? Great."

    * insert any team here with sufficient funds to compete.

  11. 10 hours ago, Craig_MiamiFL said:

    Karrion Kross debuts on Raw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Without Scarlett.

    And jobs to Jeff Hardy in minutes. :lmao: 

    Mcmahon gonna Mcmahon.

    What point is developmental if only to cut all their balls off the moment they're called up?

    That was an odd segment. Thought to myself, now why would they do that? 

  12. Go out with a bang.  You wanna really leave your mark this time.  You wanna walk away from <your company> with people saying "Wow, now that guy got canned!"

    Go out in one final blaze of incompetence.  - Costanza

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  13. On 6/29/2021 at 6:30 PM, Ramblin Wreck said:

    The IOC can make their rules and enforce them.  If she doesn't like them or want to follow them, then deal with the consequences.  

    She finished 3rd in US trials in hammer throw.  Chances are neither she or anyone else will have to worry about her being on the medal stand in Tokyo.  If she wants to protest on the Olympic stage, she'll need to throw that hammer farther than she did at the trials.

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