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  1. An hour of watching princess in a box car was the worst episode of the entire series, to me. She's annoying.
  2. Not sure. Almost 20% now. Haven't heard any news today. volume higher than normal days.
  3. I know. Was being facetious. Shame, though. Would be great if he were still involved.
  4. They have to know that Dr. Patterson (and his work, which includes his longhauler kit) is a prime reason many people still believe in the drug. Is he at all involved in this longhauler trial? I'm sure he's a partner in this trial.
  5. So a new trial. Surely they've all learned from their mistakes on, well, all the previous trials... and will knock this longhaulers trial out of the park!
  6. Got my entry investment back now free rolling GME. Have a hand full, wish I had more but would never complain about 155% gain in just over a week. Thanks Dodds, you da man!
  7. Well, in his defense, he didn't say 6PM today (which was yesterday). So we got that goin' for us. Probably 6PM in just a couple of weeks.
  8. That time of year again. Folks complaining about a zombie show that has ran for, what, 12 years? Yes, it's still the same stuff where unbelievable actions are taken by a smattering of actors with varying levels of talent. The episode was fairly weak for a premiere but guess we should be used to it by now. The big guy taking arrows then slowly shedding his clothes for hand to hand combat with each of them(?). Then decides to blow himself up. Ok, fine. I'm looking forward to the last 5 episodes of this season and then seeing how they wrap up this whole thing in season 11. I'm hoping the Negan back story episode, at least, is a good one.
  9. I don't understand the Texans' mindset here. I agree that Watson's value is about as high as it's going to get right now. You can keep him and whether he's unhappy or not, you aren't going to go deep into the playoffs with what you have. You have no draft picks and you're losing other players (Watt). If you keep going 4-12 with no decent draft picks the next few years... when do you realize something ain't working? The iron is hot right now. Trade the guy for a better chance at a bright future. Get as many picks as you can for him while he's so coveted by other teams. Herschel Walker trade from Dallas to Minn comes to mind here. Worked about great for the Cowboys in early 90s. Keeping a disgruntled player and taking a chance on losing the locker room just can't be good for business. But at this point it doesn't seem to be about business. It's personal to Houston's management/ownership it seems. They have to make a point I guess. Good luck to Houston fans. But I'd get as much as I could right now and move on.
  10. Or get Robert De Niro (who played the young Vito Corleone in the Godfather, incidentally) to pay him a visit like he did when Wesley Snipes wanted #11 on his new team in The Fan. Now we all get to wear the number, man - John Kruk weighs in at 2:24
  11. The Tracy Morgan spot is decent. "I'm pretty sure those are parachutes." girl: "Mine has a sandwich."
  12. This one is great. I thought he was saying "feast mode... feast mode..." trying to be able to eat the sandwich. I could be wrong, though.
  13. Citron Research discontinues short selling research to focus on long opportunities. Link to that guy Andrew Left no longer writing short reports. Interesting turn of events.
  14. Same here. Got the SB right for the first time in a few years and would have a good # of players in the game. Just missed the first week's cut. Last year, IIRC, the 1st week was a gimme. If this year was the same, I'd be in good shape. Oh well, still fun to play.
  16. So now we're supposed to believe Bliss can man-handle Asuka like that? Alright then.
  17. Peyton Manning may be the only coach that can save UT in the short term.
  18. He'll meet you ooooooooooon God's golden shore
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