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  1. I can't remember why, but SLB mailed me several pounds of Nueske's bacon once. He's a mensch.
  2. How is it that they fought and died for that first amendment right but exercising that right is disrespectful? Seems like not exercising that right would mean their sacrifice was meaningless. Funny that trying to overthrow the government on January 6 is free speech, but someone kneeling over a cause they believe in is some form of liberal disrespect.
  3. What are you basing that on? This article says hurricanes are becoming stronger, more frequent and holding together further inland over the last 40 years. There are multiple studies, including this one from Japan, that say the same thing.
  4. You mean expressing a First Amendment right to freedom of speech? It's odd how some people can be so wrapped up in a symbol, but ignore what it represents.
  5. Yeah, Breyer really needs to consider stepping down right now. If they get outmaneuvered again and lose another SC seat it will be devastating.
  6. My little town is engaged in a facebook war today because someone pointed out that state law requires cities and counties to fly the POW/MIA flag on Flag Day, but it isn't being flown on the main flagpole of the town. It's being flown at city hall, which is what the law says, but there's a whole group up in arms that it should be on the more visible flagpole. They're claiming it's because of liberals. We have a nonpartisan mayor and a republican city council, so I'm not sure how that works. I have a friend on the city council and he said as far as he knows there's nobody in the city th
  7. Nate is smart. He sets a trot-line and nabs a good-size trout while expending no calories, so he's making a shelter and feeding himself at the same time. Pit-house woman and log cabin guy have both said they're sacrificing food for shelter, and hoping to start getting food once the shelter is in place. That just seems unnecessary when you could put a line in the water and put out a couple snares while you build. Maybe it doesn't work, but it's low-risk because it doesn't take much time or energy. Log cabin guy's 4 mile walk seemed especially dumb. He wasted a lot of time and used a
  8. responding by following the same few people from thread to thread and making off-topic comments about the poster and not the topic? there are a few people who do nothing but that. they rarely, if ever, actually contribute to a discussion, but flood the threads with off-topic nonsense and personal attacks. yeah, the site owner said don't do that, so I'd expect the moderators to enforce his rules. seems pretty straightforward.
  9. or the mods could enforce the rules the site owner just stated
  10. Has anyone suggested that as a solution to gun violence? That's your response to four mass murders? Repulsive.
  11. Since I am one of the people he stalks, I know this isn't true.
  12. hey, a post with no facts or argument, directed at someone you follow from thread to thread. shocking. what is your purpose here? please link to any post of yours out of your last 20 where you make a fact-based argument and don't just comment about other posters. this is exactly what @Joe Bryantjust said they didn't want.
  13. c'mon, Joe. you have a few posters who do nothing but follow the same people from thread to thread posting about them. they don't ever post facts or arguments...just shots at the same people over and over, topic after topic. it's really not that difficult to see.
  14. Texas' statewide law allowed permitless carry statewide. It supposedly will reduce crime. You cited Chicago's city law. You were wrong. What don't you understand about the difference between state laws and city laws?
  15. let's get back to the point of my original post. Texas just became a case study of some of the loosest gun laws in country. If gun violence goes up, can we agree that's a failure?
  16. Did anyone try to say Chicago softened their gun control laws last year? Or did you make that up as a straw man? You're the one falsely saying Chicago has strict gun laws. Am i surprised there are a lot of handgun shootings in Chicago since 2010? Absolutely not.
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