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  1. You literally jumped into the middle of a discussion where SC claimed laws were passed that favored big retailers over mom and pop stores and caused them to close. Guess it would have saved us both some typing if I just assumed that you didn't know what you were responding to.
  2. Read an article today that was interesting. I'll try to find it. It attributed some of the continuing unemployment not to people choosing not to work, but people realizing that they didn't like their jobs in the first place and re-evaluating whether they want to return to work at all, switch to part time, or change careers entirely. A lot of people got laid off due the pandemic and have decided they want to pursue other opportunities. Having schools shut down is a big factor too. Reopen schools and a lot of parents are better able to return to work. With 12-15 year olds becoming
  3. Arguing about BBB status is just pointless and shows there's nothing there. They do split tests. There's no way to screw up both samples and get the same result.
  4. Same drug Gamine tested positive for--twice (actually 4 times, since both times it was a split test).
  5. Biggest surprise is that the pot smokers just put more work into getting their permit than the vets did.
  6. SC claimed that large retailers were allowed to stay open while mom and pop stores were closed based on laws being passed. That's the only statement I'm saying in demonstrably false.
  7. I'm happy to agree that the determination as to what was essential versus non-essential not only seemed arbitrary, but was a dumb way to regulate businesses. Businesses should have been allowed to stay open if they could provide adequate ventilation and required mask wearing and social distancing. But the argument that large businesses got to stay open and their smaller competitors didn't based on laws being passed is just false.
  8. Home Depot was allowed to remain open because it provided essential services. So was the small hardware store down the street from me. It had nothing to do with the size of their business. Targets remained open, but so did the neighborhood grocery store.
  9. If a mom and pop store provided essential services, they stayed open. It wasn't big v. small. It was essential v. non-essential. There were no laws passed favoring large retailers over mom and pop stores. Edit: there were some guidelines about how many people could be in a particular space, so I suppose if you had a business that wasn't physically large enough to have customers, you were effectively shut down while a store with more square footage could stay open. I'm sure that happened here and there with very small spaces.
  10. He claimed that laws were passed that favored big retailers over mom and pop stores. What you just posted shows that this is false. They both closed.
  11. Link This is the opposite of what SC was arguing....that larger retailers got to stay open, which killed mom and pop stores. Macy's, Nordstrom, Nike, etc. aren't "mom and pop" stores.
  12. No "laws being passed" in anything you quoted or linked.
  13. I think he's distinguishing "laws being passed" from an emergency order from a City's director of public health, which is what you just linked.
  14. The pot smokers got their permit through the parks department, not the city. de Blasio had nothing to do with approving their parade.
  15. As far as requiring them in the workplace, Cowboysfan is right. There is a significant difference under federal law, including the fact that under an EUA vaccination must be voluntary. Employers can't require vaccination where the vaccine is only approved under an EUA. link
  16. El Paso County, which includes Colorado Springs, announced days after that law was enacted that its sheriffs would not enforce the state red flag laws, with the county commissioners passing a resolution opposing the law and declaring the county a "second amendment preservation county." So even if this shooter should have been red-flagged and his guns confiscated, the county refuses to recognize and enforce the law. If it turns out that the shooter should have been red-flagged, the commissioners should be held both civilly and criminally liable.
  17. Part of it is based on whether you're looking at a private event, like taking a cruise, or whether you're talking about a workplace or public space. A medical condition precluding vaccination would most likely be treated as a disability under the ADA, with a right to a reasonable accommodation if one can be made. Where remote work is possible, that would be the most obvious accommodation. Preference or vaccine reluctance would not be considered a disability.
  18. Another mass shooting in Colorado. Hardly even registers.
  19. we're going backward here. anti-vaxxers are killing us and complaining at the same time.
  20. take him down and suspend baffert for a year. his magic carrots have been a poorly kept secret for years.
  21. Did you think that your actions could have DQ'd him?
  22. I don't think it does, but if i saw a valid peer-reviewed study that established causation i could change my mind. but that isn't the topic, and when people resort to logical fallacies i usually dont bother. this was a bad topic to begin with and its degenerated into something even worse.
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