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  1. Not since 2010 when they were overturned by the Supreme Court. Most of the shootings are with handguns. After the handgun ban was overturned in 2010, Chicago homicides spiked. Chicago still has an assault weapons ban, but most of the gun violence in Chicago is handguns. Many of those guns are purchased from neighboring states with lax gun laws.
  2. Haven't watched the second episode yet, but I'm always surprised at the beginning that they don't try to set up more passive ways to get food: deadfalls, snares, fixed lines in the water, etc. You can spend your energy on your shelter but if you get lucky you also have food. Maybe they don't show it, but it seems like you should always be trying for food.
  3. what strict laws? the ones that were overturned 11 years ago? you really gotta stop reading NRA propaganda.
  4. the fact that they're pursuing QAnon theories about UV watermarks that don't exist is really all you need to know about this audit.
  5. 13 people shot and injured in Austin and the gunman got away. Texas adopting permitless concealed carry was supposed to prevent this--except the statistics show that gun crimes go up, not down.
  6. In 5 Supreme Court cases after Miller, the Court ruled based on an originalist view of the Constitution. Countless state court decisions followed. Between 1939 and 2008, all of the words in the Second Amendment mattered. It wasn't until Scalia, who conservatives hail as an originalist, decided that we should do away with half of the words of the Second Amendment that everything changed and the question changed from "is this necessary to maintain a militia?" to "is this 'Arms'?" Let's say we developed an energy weapon, like a Star Wars blaster, that made traditional guns obsolete. U
  7. https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/768321-qanon/?do=findComment&comment=23433335
  8. I think it is for most, but I think there are a couple that actually believe this stuff.
  9. Watch the video that Maurile posted about people that get lost to QAnon stuff. Their families describe it like watching them die.
  10. Edit: McNulty beat me to the joke. Well played.
  11. You can't debate #5 as presented without being steeped in conspiracy theories. There aren't any actual facts to support your assigned position or the subtopics (other than the vague reference to Stacey Abrams).
  12. I like that he's trying to force Tim to deep dive into Trump/QAnon conspiracies. Reminds me of when we were so hungry in college that we'd risk a brainwashing at the Hari Krishna temple just for a free meal.
  13. I do enjoy the "we're already engaged in a secret and inevitable war with China" conspiracy theory that everything ties into. It's good to have an overarching theme.
  14. I've sampled a few but gave up when more than once the links contradicted what he claimed they said. Going through all that noise just to find out he's misrepresenting his sources to support his narrative is an utter waste of time.
  15. Who knows what other gems we would discover if someone actually read those things?
  16. Pendulum swings back on lab leak theory. link
  17. to be fair, we understood what they meant until 2008.
  18. The classic G G alias had a space between Gordon Gekko. G G was a group alias. The New Coke version that posts unreadable thread titles and links to 15 minute youtube videos seems to be just one person.
  19. They wanted $15,000 to do about 1200 square feet. No way. Overseeded with clover and I'm done.
  20. Seriously, nearly every post you make is not about a topic. You don't add facts or make arguments. You just post about other people. Once again, what is your point being here? You add nothing. It seems like a lot of effort just to follow people around a forum making personal comments about people you've never met and never will. Odd, obsessive behavior.
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