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  1. aww, shucks. no need to cherry pick. he chose his metric. #1 on the list, Republican-led city with loose gun laws: Mobile, Alabama. thanks Max!
  2. some nice prices in the 6th. i'm liking Fast Boat, but also have some 4/6/10/12 exa and trifecta boxes
  3. hint: the mayor of Miami is a Republican.
  4. Known Agenda bad luck in the draw in the KD and now this. Gotta be driving Pletcher crazy. I like Known Agenda to hit the board, unless Mike Smith is riding. Before the Irad injury I was thinking HRC, RYW and KA. I don't have any faith in EQ and I don't think he will like this distance. I was watching some show where someone was trying to push Overtook as a longshot who might hit the board, so I re-watched the Peter Pan. That race was sloooow and Overtook didn't so much close in the stretch but more just ran less slow than the rest of the field after the leaders. 37.5
  5. It's not really "Fauci's book." It's 80 pages of his letters and speeches, and he receives no money from it. It's a companion piece to a National Geographic documentary, and they said it was their mistake. He doesn't get any money from the documentary either. Another perfectly good conspiracy theory down the tubes.
  6. I guess it's because it's the BBC, but it seems weird to try to contrast "small Kansas towns" against "the Midwest."
  7. I'm going to go with the published studies from Harvard instead of SC making stuff up. It was linked above. There were 1.4 million reported gun thefts from 2010-2018. The estimate for total gun thefts from 2012-2017 is 1.8 million. Also linked previously. No study from any reputable source estimates defensive gun use above half of that, meaning it's twice as likely a gun will be stolen than used defensively. This has been well established over the years and consistent across multiple studies. Pesky math.
  8. On the federal level the EEOC has said that employers can mandate vaccines, subject to ADA and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Since they enforce workplace discrimination, theirs is the opinion that counts.
  9. SC attacking his own source now.
  10. it is twice as likely that a gun will be stolen than used in self-defense. we've been over that a dozen times. glad SC is finally admitting these facts.
  11. Although the fox news (surprise) article is all over the place with its cherry-picking, I'm glad SC cited an article that said this: Chianese said that, with regards to where guns are stolen from, the answer is easy. β€œLazy and incompetent gun owners,” he charged. β€œIt’s literally that simple. Unsecured or improper secured firearms are one of the largest contributors to illegal guns on the street.” Funny SC has repeatedly parroted the NRA position against secure storage laws, but cites this source. This article is also consistent with the study I posted that 8% of retail sal
  12. It's really entertaining when SC owns himself because he just makes stuff up.
  13. Having to respond to repeated lies day after day, only to have the same people refuse to bother to read actual facts, can be quite frustrating. That and senseless murder. It bothers me.
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