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  1. It looks like you didn't need to put much effort into the update because you already put so much effort in the offseason. Thank you for these!
  2. Still confused. Sure, 4 ypr is almost unheard of. Why does it reflect badly on Nelson, in this case?
  3. I’m confused, what was wrong with his performance? He caught 8 of his 10 targets. On one of the targets he didn’t catch, he was open downfield and foles took too long to get rid of it and it was nearly picked. His catches were very shallow routes and Foles telegraphed quite a few so he really didn’t have room to make a play. He also had a great run that almost went for six and of course the throw. This kid has talent and opportunity that ff’ers seem to be slow to recognize.
  4. Forgive me if I have asked before - what gives with the Agholor ranking? He’s about 30 spots too low in my opinion. If I recall, you were fairly high on him coming out. His early struggles shouldn’t be held against him, much like you don’t pay any mind to Davante Adams’ bad seasons with his ranking.
  5. I’m fairly sure he was saying he would regret the trade if it turned out that way. Are there leagues where the draft order gets determined preseason? My point was I would rather fill a hole on a very strong team by overpaying with whatever spare parts I had for a young stud then trying to rent an older vet using only some of those spare parts.
  6. I’m guessing that the 2019 pick is not 1.01 and unlikely to be with those Wr. I’m not a believer in Hunt (I actually like Guice at least as much) but if you are then this is the kind of deal you make to put yourself in the driver’s seat for this season, IMO.
  7. Last trade of the offseason. Just acquired Dalvin Cook for three 2019 firsts (and Thomas Rawls!) Two of the firsts originally belonged to elite teams and the third from more of a pretender than a contender. A couple league mates commented that it was aggressive, which is a polite way to say I overpaid. Which I did, of course. Overall, I am happy with the improvements I made to my roster his offseason. This team won the title last year thanks to Gurley and luck with injuries: Brady, Cousins Gurley, Collins, Ajayi, Horse#### ABrown, Julio, Evans, Agholar, marqi
  8. Big one for my team and would appreciate any feedback gave: Antonio brown got: 1.09 (Chubb fell which prompted the trade), 2019 first and second (both probably late), Robert woods, Marvin jones It’s not the type of trade I’d usually make (4 quarters for a dollar type) but I think Chubb is the goods, and my team, while strong on paper, really lacked depth. Collins was my rb2 and sproles my rb3. Still have Julio and Evans at WR and three firsts in 2019. Plus I renamed my team “I’ve got a chubb” before I accepted and wrote “I did it all for the penis jokes” in the tra
  9. Agreed. Team that gave up Cooks really needed a RB and I was surprised the other owner didn’t ask for more.
  10. I saw this as essentially Thompson for Bryant and I much prefer the upside of Bryant. But perhaps I’m writing Ingram off too soon.
  11. If you like Drake even close to whatever RB was available at 1.07, the 3 trades combined were a huge win.
  12. The first one was a steal. Flip a coin for the second, and I don't care for the third (but I'm not a Drake believer).
  13. Well, what do you know... Ajayi for 2019 1st and 3.10 i asked for the 3.10 because I have traded away all my 2018 picks except 3.12 and maybe I can pair those to move up and get a young QB or TE that falls. hard to say early or late on the first. Newton, Fournette, Ajayi, AJ, Cooks, Garçon, DJax, Kelce are the starters. But zero depth. Pontential is there that it is early but I’m content either way.
  14. I truly appreciate (and value) your rankings - but the effort you put in responding to questions about them is even more admirable (and valuable). Here is something I find interesting, not just about your rankings but about the dynasty landscape in general... Only eight of your top 24 WRs that have were selected in 2015 or later: 2 4 Michael Thomas NO 25.5 (4) 3 8 Amari Cooper OAK 24.2 (9) 3 9 Tyreek Hill KC 24.5 (11) 4 17 Stefon Diggs MIN 24.8 (17) 4 18 JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT 21.8 (19) 5 2
  15. Ajayi owner/eagles fan here. I’ll take the 2019 first. In fact, I’ve offered ajayi to several teams for their 2019 firsts and have been rejected without counter. Gonna go try again.
  16. Great deal for him. He got stronger at a position of need, moved a player that could see his role diminish for a player who is likely to maintain or increase his role, and he got younger (in the sense that a 25 year old wr has more quality years remaining than a 25 year old rb). The deal could make sense for the other team too, if you are built to win now and need a RB, Gordon is a nice option. But in a vacuum, give me the Adams side.
  17. I think I prefer McKinnon to Collins in a ppr, but I'm not sold on that. Meaning, I'd probably make the swap for McKinnon straight up, but wouldn't add anything I valued to Collins to get McKinnon. Meanwhile, Diggs >>> Lockett and the picks are a wash. So, give me what A got.
  18. It will be interesting to see if his redzone struggles are an issue with him or with the offense he was running. Pretty terrible redzone TD conversion rate is what keeps him as a middling fantasy option. The yards are there if he can add the TDs. I'd attribute it to the weapons he had in 2016 and 2017. He was actually good in 2015. Reed has really been the only plus option he's had in the red zone. DJax is worthless there, and it has never been a strength of Garcon's. Then last year, Pryor was awful in all aspects, and Doctson wasn't much better. Not to mention, they
  19. I really like the QB rankings, ZWK. Especially the aggressive jimmy g placement. I would be equally aggressive with cousins. Can’t ignore the way so many NFL teams went after him, even when there were plenty of decent options available (between FA and the draft). And he’s put up near elite passing numbers with 4-5 rushing TDs per year. At least bump him over Brady and Ryan.
  20. I agree that the injuries are concerning, but I tend to ignore injuries for the most part when evaluating players. Is alshon injury prone? Maybe. But the man just played 19 games with a torn rotator cuff. He’s tough, too. And should be healthy for week 1. 130 targets is reasonable. I’d expect 20 of them to come in the red zone, that’s what they pay him for. Because the eagles are so good at spreading the ball around, most of those will be one on one coverage. That should translate to 9+ tds. Instead of calling it a lock, I should say I think it’s a safe bet.
  21. I’m not sure it’s correct to say alshon was healthy last season. He was at the sixers game Monday night, shoulder in a sling. Apparently he had rotator cuff surgery, tore it in training camp. He wasn’t as advertised on contested catches last year, but if he gets (and stays) healthy, 9+ tds in that offense is a virtual lock.
  22. That was a great post, I always appreciate your effort in here. If you've got a minute, could you explain the Kupp/Woods ranking and how it has changed since November? I'm guessing it has to do with how you feel targets get redistributed and how they will perform now that Watkins is gone. I can't help but notice that Kupp's splits with and without Woods differ drastically. catches/targets/yards (approx) With Woods: 4/6/50 Without Woods: 6/8/100 I think both players suffer without Watkins stretching the field (will Tavon fill that role?) but ultimately it will hu
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