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  1. On the clock I traded 1.10 and a 2017 3rd for jay ajayi. Not sure what I'm doing yet but at least his name is fun to say.
  2. I wrote out a the expectation for n=2, 3, 4 and m = 2,3,4,5 and I'm seeing:
  3. I don't know if this is worth a new thread but Presh Talwalkar puts some interesting puzzles on his mindyourdecisions.com This one has me stuck...2 glasses is easy enough but my attempts to generalize have been wrong. He has a video solution but I want to figure it out on my own. A game starts with 6 empty glasses in a row numbered 1 to 6. You roll a standard die. If the number for the glass is empty, then the glass is filled up. If the number for the glass is full, then you drink that glass so it becomes empty. There is a special rule when 5 glasses are full. If you roll the number for the lone empty glass, then the final glass gets filled and you have to drink all 6 glasses. At this point the game ends. From the start of the game, what is the average number of rolls until the game ends?
  4. This week was pretty simple. The explanations by ZWK and IE above were great - as always! I just thought of it as a graph theoryish problem with a complete graph minus a single edge. That way, there are always two people (the vertices of the subtracted edge) that are friends with everyone else but not each other. That guarantees n-2 proud people and also shows why n-1 is impossible.
  5. Twatlantic Ocean gave up:Winston, Jameis TBB QBDecker, Eric NYJ WRAllen, Dwayne IND TE55 House of Pain gave up:Allen, Javorius BAL RBThomas, Julius JAC TEYear 2017 Round 1 Draft Pick from 55 House of Pain Bummed, I was trying to get that 2017 because I suspect it could be 1.01-1.03. He's a new owner taking over for an owner that drafted poorly in year 1 and promptly quit.
  6. Any opinions? Still new to dynasty and worried I'm sacrificing talent to target positions of need.
  7. I traded Michael Floyd & 1.06 for Thomas Rawls & 1.10. I might be overpaying a bit on this one and the Reed for Hill deal, but my RBs were absolute crap.
  8. My second dynasty trade! jordan reed plus a 4 for Jeremy hill. Ppr but no te bonus. I REALLY needed rb help and am hoping hill bounces back. Did I give up reed too easy?
  9. I'm hoping that doesn't spell doom and gloom for TWTR. I believe they announce next week. DATA was crushed too, feels like an overreaction. It is really unbelievable what has happened to these growth stocks. They are dropping like flies.
  10. "buy": http://www.barchart.com/opinions/stocks/W Curious as to how this reacts to the AMZN news. The 200 day has served as support on recent pullbacks. If it closes below that, I'll make my entry.
  11. Anyone follow citron research? Left has been on fire for as long as I've been paying attention. One call that hasn't panned out (yet) is Wayfair. They wrote an exhaustive article about it here: http://www.citronresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/wayfair-pre-final-d.pdf It is extremely volatile (and puts are pricey) making it pretty tough to make an entry. Can anyone offer any advice on from a technical standpoint?
  12. Now is the time to be trying to acquire him in dynasty. I'll happily take him off your hands in redraft. His talent is so evident on the field by the acrobatic catches and the serious separation that he gets. And say what you want about his QB, but thus far Tyrod has been accurate and has a knack for extending the play and keeping his eyes downfield. He might not be the long term solution at QB, but he is way better than anyone could have hoped for. The Bills put up 27 and then 32 points in the first two weeks. Not exactly winning 6-3 like many expected. The short term downside is that the Bills have attempted the 2nd fewest passes in the league and there is legit competition for targets. Not a huge deal Sammy has already shown the ability to put up good numbers on average targets and Percy/McCoy are injuries waiting to happen.
  13. I haven't read through all the overreaction, so forgive me if this has been said but - My ranking of Sammy is unchanged or even a little positive after this. The bills offense was way more effective than everyone expected and Tyrod is going to get the ball to his playmakers. Sammy will get his.
  14. I think this is good advice. He very well could see the 4th most snaps among WRs behind Mathews, Huff and even Cooper.
  15. I was offered Luck for Foster and Stafford yesterday from a running back hungry league mate. Of course, that league mate was drunk at the tailgate and when I told him I accepted, he said let me think about it. But, I think that's the kind of upgrade you need if you truly believe Foster is coming back 100% and want value now. That is what I was getting at. If there were numerous owners in our league hoping he fell to them, lots of those same owners are now getting a bit nervous that they will have to start Randle or Latavius Murray at RB2 that will give a stellar WR for Foster. Or others that are starting to doubt that Forsett or Miller can be a legit RB1 that might trade virtually straight up. After this weekends games, there could be an opportunity to move this risk off of your roster in exchange for a player that you rate just as highly (who isn't injured).
  16. I think his best years are still ahead of him. That's mostly because I think the weapons around him have been mediocre but are improving. I'm not sure that trestman will run a very different scheme though from what I understand.
  17. You could be right. Although, just about everyone in this thread heard the collective disappointment of their league mates when they drafted him in round 5. Now, the outlook looks better (but might be just a tad optimistic). Might be the time to try to upgrade from Foster to a guy with less perceived upside like Miller or Gore. Or see how the Forsett/Ingram owners feel after what could be a tough week 1 opponent. Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked that I got a player of Foster's caliber on my bench. But I get the feeling that we are all kidding ourselves that he'll heal quickly and be this top 5 RB all season long.
  18. If you can start 2-0, you might go undefeated. Probably not, but you'll have the top tandem in PPR. Oh and I left out that I have AP as well, Bell was my keeper. Frankly if I can go 1-1 I'll be thrilled. Whoa. Dude, who are your Quarterbacks and Defenses? Brady and the Jets. Kicker? Here's my roster. Brady, Palmer, AP, L.Bell, Foster, J.Bell, McKinnon, Hopkins, Cooper, Smith Sr, K.Wright, Rudolph, Ertz, Jets, Hauschka PPR Post the roster of the next best team in your league. That should give better idea if undefeated season is possibleTo all the guys messing with PSU - does it come naturally for you to be a holes? Or do you try really hard? Either way, take the sticks out of your arses, go get laid and release some of that negative tension in your minds, and let's get back to news and notes on Arian foster eh? Do unto others... Agreed. At least make funnier jokes if you are going to clog up the thread. Getting things back on track, is anyone considering selling? Even if he comes back sooner than expected lets not forget he's another injury waiting to happen and plays on a bow average offense. What could foster + wr2-3 type realistically fetch?
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