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  1. He ended careers with the 2nd goal but the 3rd was somehow most surprising. Nice day in the park for him
  2. They had 2 attempts on goal for the game I think, both before the card. Ole went in with a strong team and some rotation trying to get off to a good start. It went wrong horribly wrong with the red and the lingard. I also don't want to use the pitch as an excuse but they really struggled with it. The ball bounces and moves differently than grass. I think United let it get to them. But as professionals, they should have been able to adjust and play. And any OleOut "fans" .
  3. except when they put in Matic for Bruno and Lingard for Ronaldo Hope for the draw
  4. I think United will be too. This game went all wrong. Although they can still nick one, they have the players to do it...
  5. And that's 1-1.... United is struggling with the fake grass. They need to do better even with 10 men.
  6. On for VdB to sadly. Hold the back, compact in the middle, maybe CR7 gets another shot....
  7. It looks like they are playing on carpet and everyone is slipping or fighting with the ball at their feet. Just need to organize and put in a shift. 4 more subs available so they should be able to see it out. Dalot on for Sancho so there is a lot of Portuguese power out there!
  8. AWB sees RED! United down to 10 men! Lunged in and landed on the top of the foot/ankle area. I will let you guys decide if it is red or not....
  9. GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great ball in from Bruno!!!
  10. Ok, who's ready for the Young Boys from Wankdorf Stadium??
  11. When you get in a fight with a drunk, you don’t hit them with your pitching hand. God! I can’t keep giving you these free lessons. Quit screwing around and help me up
  12. You probably do watch him more, just seems whenever I see him play he is making a mistake that leads to a goal...
  13. Christ, you don't need a quadrophonic Blaupunkt! What you need is a curveball! In the show, everyone can hit heat.
  14. I hope you are right but sadly, the 2 or 3 times I watched him in Germany he did the same thing he does for the USMNT. Admittedly I have only watched him a couple times and wasn't focused on him until he made his one big mistake....
  15. I can, and it would be GLORIOUS! In all fairness, I am not sure who would replace him. I liked what I saw last night in the second half without him. He does have a place, perhaps on the bench as a veteran leader, so in the 23 is fine.
  16. This would be fine if like you noted, he wasn't rushing up into where a midfielder should be or in his offensive half to do it. If he is the one setting the line then its worse, either he's getting ahead of his teammates, not paying attention to where they are or they aren't responding to his directions. Any of those are issues. I notice it a couple times a game. Esp against pacey opponents.
  17. Just saw this. Seems they are not happy the English FA and EPL teams would not allow players to go to certain countries. Yet another club vs country debate....
  18. This I disagree with. Biggest example in the last game was him 2 yards into the offensive half and his partner 2 yards into the defensive half with a Canadian player running free between them. Through ball in behind Brooks and Canada is off to the races, luckily they could not finish. I see this with him every game I've watched (USMNT and the couple German league games I've caught). Either he is rushing up to dive into a needless challenge in the offensive half (resulting in a foul or an easy turn and break) or he's well ahead of his defense and out of position allowing players in behind him. And because of those of you in here stating he is an auto start, I have been trying to watch more of him to see what I am missing.
  19. Both of these are why I was asking. Just trying to get something going against these well organized teams. CP was the only guy driving at people. And often Lleget is asked to be a playmaker and he shouldn't be (at best he should be a winger coming on late to run). To me our biggest issues are creativity in the attack and finding a goal scorer. I also still don't see why Brooks deserves the love he gets. He may be good in the air, but he is a liability in the middle of the park and on counter attacks with pace.
  20. For you guys that watch a lot more of these players then I do, when everyone is healthy would we be against a 4-3-3 with CP, Reyna, Adams as the 3 midfielders? I know they mostly play wider in Europe but for the USMNT we need to get them involved in the game and let them attack the defense. Weston (if he works back into the team then is a game changer off the bench or can rotate with CP/Reyna) I feel like Aaronson and Hoppe wide (or weah, Konrad or another), Pefok or Sargent up top. Gets our top creative players on the ball, allows for high motor and pace getting down the wings. Might also get the best of Sarge interchanging and one twos with CP/Reyna.....
  21. His performance on Sunday tells me yes although it might not be on purpose.
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