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  1. I'm holding Johnson on my keeper team for this reason. For what it's worth, Johnson is an RFA himself after this season. Whether another team would be interested and offer a contract beyond what the Browns would counter will clearly depend on his output for the remainder of the season.
  2. I'm going to try to remember last night for a long time when making 50/50 calls of who to pick up. The most common word I heard from people analyzing Johnson was "plodder." My guess is this comes more from his Combine or pro-day 40 score (which I believe was 4.81) than anything else, as he looked like anything but a plodder last night. I don't mean that as criticism; it's just that I'm not someone who is going to go back and watch old college tape (nor do I believe I can adequately analyze something like that) so I rely to an extent on the varied perspectives one finds online. I guess my takeaway is that for an unknown player, it's nearly impossible to shake a label in the fantasy community until they actually do it.
  3. I would think teams are skeptical of any RB coming off an Achilles injury, and a trade/short season work would be Mack's chance to prove himself for a new contract/multi-year contract starting in '22.
  4. I personally added Tua this week (among all those choices) to cover for Wilson. ATL is by far the best matchup, plus a bad Dolphins defense should require the Dolphins offense to be in go-mode at all times.
  5. I have a bit of a fun one here, I think. For a flex spot, my options are: - D'Ernest Johnson vs. Den. - Donovan Peoples-Jones vs. Den, presuming Beckham and Landry are out - Michael Pittman at SF: he was dropped in overnight waivers and I've submitted a claim for him; however I would not know if I acquired him until Friday, thus nullifying the first two options. - Chase Edmonds vs. Hou Timing notwithstanding, Pittman would be my top choice if Hilton doesn't play, and with Parris Campbell out. Edmonds makes me nervous given his lack of usage in non-competitive games. Lots of variables here...I'm feeling like it's worth the wait since the Cleveland game could be a complete dud offensively.
  6. I'm looking to start two of these three RBs this week (one in a flex spot). Miles Sanders at LV Chris Edmonds v. Hou D'Ernest Johnson v. Den Obviously, we need to learn more about Cleveland's offensive line. However, it sounds like some of Denver's LB corps will be out. Ugly as these choices are, I trust Edmonds the least. Given the past two games, whether it's because they are protecting the injuries he is nursing or the games were blowouts, he seems best used in games that will be marginally competitive.
  7. I would swap Patterson for Jamaal Williams if that's doable. I do worry about Patterson being capped by McKissic due to game flow, but that seems like the better long-term play.
  8. This is a tough one. Without considering drops, I like Ruggs over Drake. I guess it depends on your RB depth and comfort. Sticking in my craw, though, that when Jacobs got hurt, Barber saw most of the work - although with Gruden gone, I guess we toss that out the window? If you really need a win this week, I would lean toward drop/Ruggs. If you can stomach a loss, probably Drake.
  9. What are the general thoughts on D'Ernest Johnson here? I was struck by the Browns moving away from their 2-back focus against AZ, although that may have been because they trailed immediately. If Chubb is a go against Denver, Johnson seems like you can't use him until you know for certain he has any volume. Without Chubb, the matchup is...less than palatable.
  10. No doubt Hurts has been bad, but I'm trying to think of another example of a rookie (essentially) QB who is told "It's all on you" and there will be no support from the run game. It's a novel idea, if nothing else.
  11. I am not an Eagles fan, but as a Bears fan the Sirianni experience seems a lot like the Matt Nagy experience. It seems like some of these first-time head coaches have the idea that the NFL is a passing league so ingrained in their head that they can't fathom anything else beyond constant downfield throws. Essentially, there's no watching what's actually happening on the field or game-planning around the defense's approach. It's the scheme, and it's the scheme. There's nothing else.
  12. Here's my ridiculous question from QB purgatory: - Taylor Heinicke at KC - Geno Smith at PIT I'm inclined to start Heinicke given the shootout nature of that game. His +40 rush yards over each of the past two weeks makes me feel a bit better about it all.
  13. Pittman has been a pretty solid 70-80 yards a week over the past month. I am a Toney fanboy, but this matchup gives me pause. Interesting question is with Golladay out who Jalen Ramsey will shadow.
  14. Cooks just feels like the lowest floor. Colts D isn't super imposing, but Davis Mills... With how efficient the Bucs' offense is right now, I would roll with Brown pretty consistently. Yes, you'll have a down game here and there, but the upside is solid.
  15. "In a 2017 email, the Times said Gruden responded to a sexist meme of a female official by saying: 'Nice job roger.'" As for jokes, I guess it's just a matter of opinion. To me, the context of speech matters. But that's not a hard fact. You can certainly disagree. I would note, however, that Gruden went beyond the use of gay jokes. Calling Roger Goodell a f***** is clearly use of homophobic language.
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