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  1. I was lucky to get him off the FA pool un my league with the 7th shot. No idea why no one else was interested. Question for those more knowledgable than I (which is probably most of you). I see a Chicago team whose WRs are decimated with injury and in need of a jolt on the outside. Plus a team with a less than high end QB throwing the ball. How hard is it to visualize Cohen playing a lot of slot position routes to give this team both Howard and Cohen on the field at the same time and both being threats? Am I off base with this idea?
  2. Thanks guys. I'm in a redraft league and was baffled by the references. Same is of interest to me as a late flyer as such. But now I get it. Thanks for the patience.
  3. Dumb question here. What are all these numbers 1.07, 2,01 etc. I don'[t believe it means first round 7th pick for example. Are you all doing a rookie only draft or something?
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