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  1. Like it says. I need to start one in an hour. Opinions please. Non-PPR standard scoring
  2. Yeah I also wondered if I was in the minority. I consider AJ a must start WR1 the rest of the year unless he is facing a particular cover man. Even then WR2,
  3. Well I'm stuck with Mincshew or Dalton. Sucky choices to be sure. I miss Dak snif.
  4. What would you buy low to sell A Jones high for?
  5. Thanks I look at Stafford as a guy I might have drafted in a 12 team league. Not so much the others. I am trying to get him 1sr then Minchew if I get bumped.
  6. I have Dalton and Carr. Right now unsure. I also have a chance to grab Stafford and Minchew. Trying to choose.
  7. And yet I wish I'd started him. Instead I played Mattison. Well it's probably my fault Mattison sucked and Mixon didn't. LOL
  8. I got AJ in a 12 team redraft 4:2. Finally getting returns. I had DK targeted in the next round with pick 5:11 but he was taken 5:9. I got McLaurin instead. ANd as we all know not nearly as good. Oh well.
  9. I hear you. This is my logic. Jeudy is the #1 receiver for a lousy passing offense. I don't think DEN will get it's offense together to make Jeudy more than an occasional possible WR2. Might have one or two good games but when they will happen I have no idea. Since I have AJ Brown, McLaurin, Ceedee Lamb, and just added Henry Ruggs I just can't use the spot for Jeudy. Harris is in a system that usually doesn't have a bellcow back. And it is very possible he is just part of a 3 headed RBBC as usual there and a waste of time. Betting you are right. If you (and I) are wrong and he runs for 14 touches and catches 4 passes for combined 100 yards and a TD suddenly it looks like he is a bellcow. Maybe I can then package him with Dalton for a QB upgrade. But I've been wrong before too.
  10. OK, I have QBs. Dalton and Cousins. But Bridgewater was waived and I have a claim in dumping Cousins for him. And Jeudy is gone.
  11. Someone waived Bridgewater so I am trying to replace Cousins with Teddy.
  12. Well, fingers crossed. I lost Dak and got Dalton and Cousins to try and cobble a QB production from. I confess I was feeling pretty good about my chances a week ago and now not so much.
  13. Yeah I am torn. I guess I don't see Jeudy becoming much this year with the uncertainty at QB in DEN. While Harris could become as close to a bellcow RB as it gets in NE. Maybe as good as a RB2 which has trade value even if I don't use him.
  14. I am an Edmunds believer. And yet - I don't think I'll start him this week. Between A Jones, Mixon, J Conner, Mattison and D Harris I have to leave some on the bench. Can only start 3. If and when AZ declares or is obvious about Edmunds as the primary RB I will start him I guess.
  15. OK looks like its the waiver wire for me. Here are the available QBs in no particular order. Opinions on how you'd handle it are welcome. Herbert (week 6 bye) looks like the real deal Brees (week 6 bye) (Thomas back might help) Carr (week 6 bye) Goff (week 9 bye) Dalton (week 10 bye) Wentz (week 9 bye) Mayfield (Week 9 bye) Cousins (week 7 bye) D Jones (week 11 bye) Honestly I am tempted to add Cousins for werk 6 against ATL. He should light them up. And try to stash Herbert for long term. Or Goff. Or Carr. Looking for opinions and strategy. I can drop Jeudy to carry 2 QBs so open to plan ahead for good and bad matchups. No guarantee I will get who I want so I need some order of 3-4 guys.
  16. Or Mattison for Minshew. ?
  17. Thanks all. From what I was just reading Edmunds might be winning the lions share of work in a RBBC in AZ. I think I'll keep him. And Mattison might also be good to go with Cook out. For a while. The Cook owner has both Lamar Jackson and Minshew. Thinking of offering a big deal. Offer up Ceedee and Mattison for Lamar and any trash in return. What think you all?
  18. Sorry I left that out. It is a 12 team non-PPR league standard ESPN scoring. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex, 1 TD, 1 K Roster is: QB - Dak RB - A Jones, Mixon, Conner, D Harris, Edmunds, Mattison WR - AJ Brown, McLaurin, CeeDee, Jeudy, Deebo TE - Jonnu Smith, Tonyan TD - Steelers K - Zuerlien
  19. I am the lucky guy who drafted Dak this year. Things were wonderful - until yesterday. The worst part is I had been away from the TV playing golf and then shopping with my wife and got home in time to turn on the game and see 3 plays before Dak went down. Oh well. Not feeling as bad as I'm sure Dak is today. Anyway on the subject I now need a QB. Already had a vulture offer me Cam for CeeDee. I might counter CeeDee for Watson of Jeudy for Cam. But I also have the waiver wire including: Carr Herbert Brees Goff Wentz I might want to take 2 of them and try to stream a decent QB. Looking for opinions on what route you all would take.
  20. Jeudy isn't safe. Broncos-Pats postponed from this week.
  21. I'd like to start him but waiting until Tuesday to find out if they will play when I got Deebo, Ceedee, McClaurin, Jeudy and I am starting (no choice) Jonnu at TE, I can't risk losing 2 spots. Playing McClaurin and CeeDee this week and won't cry if AJ has a big game.
  22. If they have a failed test the morning of the game is that it? Canceled?
  23. It looks like TEN might not play this week. I have two players from that team (lucky none from BUF). AJ Brown hasn't done anything for me this year anyway so I'll just play either Deebo or CeeDee again in his spot. That is a decision of it's own. My big problem is - I have 2 TEs. Jonnu-TEN and Tonyan-BYE week. If TEN doesn't play I'll put up a goose egg in the TE spot. Funny part is I waived Hurst to grab Tonyan this week. Now I'd like Hurst back but don't want to waive either of Jonnu or Tonyan. So, long winded way of getting to: Do you think I'll hate myself if I waive Mattison to get Hurst back and hope I can get him back after this weekend?
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