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  1. I know as a Mixon owner in fantasy I'll take that low value week EVERY week, 😀
  2. I just dropped Hurst for Tonyan. I probably just cursed Tonyans career and set Hurst on a path for stardom. LOL
  3. I grabbed Harris this week. Standard 12 team non-PPR league redraft. At this point he would not be one of my starters if I wasn't in a bye week. A Jones, Mixon, Conner, Edmunds (also taken off waivers this week) Harris and Mattison. So not sure what if anything to do with him although he might be flex this week. I confess I am surprised what is falling to me as I pick 12th. Might start Harris over Deebo or CeeDee or Tonyan or Jonnu. Kind of in a quandary but too soon to decide.
  4. Man, I'm sitting on Jonnu Smith and Hurst already but thinking of dropping one for this guy. Am I crazy or what?
  5. I hope. Don't need him this week so happy if he is just resting.
  6. Where is Aaron Jones lately? Injured or ??? Lot of Williams and little Jones. Just wondering.
  7. I also own AJ and Deebo. Got Deebo on waivers this week. I drafted late for WRs this year with the intention of getting 3 3 down RBs and a QB. Got AAron Jones, Mixon and Conner plus Dak as the core of the team. Thoughts were you can more easily get lucky with WRs than RBs. 2-1 right now and if I can survive this week I should be set with Deebo, AJ, McLaurin and CeeDee.
  8. I was shocked to see someone waived the PIT defense in my league I guess becasue of the unscheduled bye. I didn't want to say anything in case one of them reads here but I put in a claim and got them. Are they still considered a set them and leave them defense?
  9. I scooped him up off waivers but he will sit this week. Starting McLaurin and CeeDee Lamb. Heck, my flex will likely be Preston Williams ahead of Deebo. I grabbed him as long term upgrade when their QB is back and he is 100% he leap frogs most of those. Maybe all.
  10. I took Deebo off waivers yesterday. Wondering if I took the right SF WR. Aiyuk is still available. For background I play in a non-PPR league and I don't need either right now. I mean a healthy Deebo would likley make my starting lineup most weeks but if it takes 2 weeks before you can start him I'm OK with that too.
  11. Prior to clarification that the TEN-PIT game would definitely NOT be played this week I had been in communication with my league commish (and brother in law). We decided that it was best to not do anything and just let the chips fall where they go. Since ours is a no cash winner is bragging rights family type seemed like a good decision. For my part I'm just happy with certainty from the league. I have Conner, J Smith and AJ Brown on my roster and now I know they won't play. I was starting Conner and Smith and have H Hurst as well so I only lose Conner. Sounds like a big hit but my opponent this week has Henry so fair trade off IMO. LOL
  12. Yes it is redraft. Week 1 wasn't so good as McLaurin was shut down and Brown injured. last week was fine with McLaurin good day and Corey Davis looking great. If I can weather another week or two I think at least one of the kids in bold will emerge as a solid #2 WR. Paired with McLaurin and or Brown I think I'll be OK. Perhaps I'm seeing this through colored vision though. I might be making an effort to pry away one of the established stars soon. Like go after Julio Jones offering a couple players. We'll see. League isn't stupid so I have to make it somewhat fair.
  13. I initially drafted Jeidy as my #4-5 WR. Behind starters McLaurin and AJ Brown, together with CeeDee Lamb and Preston Williams. So far I am in a holding pattern. I grabbed Corey Davis to replace AJ and so far it's all good. But Jeudy has about 2 more games to show he merits a roster spot before I have to use it for something else. Hoping he has a break out game soon.
  14. I couldn't believe it when Jones was still there pick 14 in my 12 team non-PPR league. I paired him with Mixon (so far a disappointment for my first pick) and Conner as the core of the team. Having both Jones and Dak Prescott last week kinda made for an epic weekly score.
  15. I drafted him 2:02 in a 12 team league. Took Mixon ahead of him which so far looks dumb but we will see.
  16. I know it's only one week, and it isn't just for advice this week but rather the last 3 years. I had an unreal week and it isn't over yet. 12 team non-PPR and the team at 4:36 ET Sunday is: Prescott - 39.8 A Jones - 41.6 Mixon - 8.6 (bum) T McLaurin - 0 (but game underway) C Davis - 9.6 H Hurst - 13.2 (shoulda started J Smith had 20.4) J Conner - 18.1 Cardinals - 16 (but game still underway) Zuerlien - 11 My current 157.9 is a league record if it stays there.
  17. Me too. 3rd round pick #35 overall. I could roll with Z Moss but I need everything I can get and MAYBE Conner is the bellcow while Moss is clearly a timeshare.
  18. As a Conner owner I am hoping all this share tal is to motivate Conner. I still think he is the better back but I admit concern with what I saw in Snell last week. Put up or shut up time. '
  19. I think Robinson is the surest thing. TV pundits are high on Campbell this week. Hard to bench Metcalf even if he is shadowed. I guess I'd go Robinson/Campbell.
  20. I own my lawn - well not really a lawn here in AZ more like "get off my rocks". 😀
  21. Thanks. Just to muddy the waters I just picked up Corey Davis as well. Guessing with A Brown out for the game Davis is the clear #1 target. My issue with Preston and Davis is as the #1 can they beat #1 kind of coverage? Pretty sure if healthy Davis can. CEEDEE gets 2nd or 3rd level coverage with a better QB but is also further down the pecking order for targets. Still unsure.
  22. Might as well ride the Cowboys. My QB is Dak.
  23. Thanks. I am stunned at how bad my team is doing. I drafted 11, 14 and 35 getting A Jones, Mixon and Conner. They can't all be that bad I hope. LOL
  24. 12 team standard non-PPR. Yeah I know lots of questions. My team has sucked so far but I keep trying. I thought when I drafted Conner in the 3rd round I got a horse to ride and after one game I wonder. In any case he or Zack Moss this week is the question. Thanks all
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