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  1. Malaysia says possible MH370 debris found in South Africa
  2. She was probably distracted by all the faces in the cliffs across the lake.
  3. I'm going to pick up the Mango Session IPA soon (I collect beer cans in addition to enjoying the contents). I haven't seen the other three yet:
  4. Raided my little beer fridge for some things that have been tucked away: Tröegs Troegenator Double Bock
  5. I'd be interested in hearing why you think homicide is a certainty, considering they were working with only a few bone fragments. The bullet holes in the skull could have been made post-mortem and are not proof that she was killed that way.
  6. She could have died in any number of ways prior to someone cremating her body.
  7. Teresa's death could have been due to suicide, accident, or natural causes.
  8. No kidding, it was a shock to find it. It sold out in hours around here every where it showed up a few weeks ago.
  9. I'm shocked that Against the Grain's "Brown Note" wasn't in the list, I'd call it #1 on such a list. I do a double take every time I see it on the shelf. http://www.atgbrewery.com/Menu/Beer/2/Malt/4/The-Brown-Note/170
  10. I was lucky enough to find a couple of sixers of Hopslam at the local grocery last night
  11. Wow, talk about hitting the jackpot! I hope she bought some lottery tickets too.
  12. Kate is a machine. A cute, sexy, cute, incredible eating machine.
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