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  1. One more thing that's too bad about this is we'll not get to see the football questions answered. We heard so many arguments about what Johnny was or was not going to be able to do. I wanted to see those play out. Ditto, I really was curious to see that. And we were just about to get a good 6 week opportunity to find out, but Manziel's immaturity and possibly his addiction issues as well torpedoed that opportunity.
  2. I think the problem is that he's not living up to his employer's requirements. And they're the ones that made him a millionaire.
  3. In - great idea. A few random thoughts... Is the same person going to buy the tix each week? What is the plan when that person isn't available? Maybe we want to split up the work of buying/scanning? I'd definitely be willing to take a turn. The scans of the tix need to be emailed before each drawing - this seems like the absolute best way to document what tix are in play for the group. What do we want to do if we hit a decent sized win, e.g. $1k? I'd kind of like to see a distribution from any win higher than a certain amount (e.g. >$50 per person?... whatever everyone wants is fine
  4. Kige - congrats on your Youtube success. Keep up the great work!

  5. Yeah, do you have a myspace link for her or anything?


  6. Nice beer can in your Profile.

    IC was the first brewery in the world to sell a pop top can in 1963.


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