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  1. With the upgrades, I think you're hunting. Still TE poor, but hunting nonetheless.
  2. Value check on Saquon. Looks like he's being slowly introduced back into the offense. Is he a buy low candidate right now?
  3. Pitts will post an uneventful 45/550/4 Hockenson is TE1 AR12 + Mooney become only the second WR duo to top 1000 yards in Bears history.
  4. Wasn't super happy with this lineup during the draft, but it is growing on me. Hunter or no? 12 team no PPR REDRAFT, QB,RB,WR,TE,2Flex,K,3IDP QB: Herbert, Carr RB: Henry, Sanders, Moss WR: Jefferson, AJ Brown, Jeudy, Shenault, Mooney TE: Fant, Highbee K: Blankenship IDP: Roquan Smith, CJ Mosely, Jerome Baker
  5. 12 team 8 man keeper QB/RB/WR/TE/2Flex/K/DEF DEF heavy scoring QB: Russ, Mac, Carr RB: Gibson, Monty, Moss, David Johnson WR: Tyreek, Hopkins, K Allen, Dionte Johnson TE: Andrews, Highbee K: Myers DEF: SEA, MIN, NYG (streaming)
  6. Dog needs a lot of things to go right for it to hunt successfully.
  7. Smash accept and then package Swift and Mooney for an upgrade at RB.
  8. Correct. Personal opinions aside, Mixon is an injury concern.
  9. Offered Mixon/Kittle for Gibson/Andrews recently and it got me thinking about WHEN to accept trades that are ostensibly higher value but not necessarily better for your team. In this instance, my RB group is thin (even more so swapping gibson for Mixon), but my WR group is exceptionally strong. At what point is it worthwhile to accept the trade and try to flip one of you other assets to bolster a weak spot?
  10. That's a premium hunting dog right there. A veritable bluetick coonhound.
  11. 12 team (1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 3 Flex, 1TE) PPR QB - Dak, Burrow, Crablegs RB - D Henry, Najee, M Davis, M Gordon, Mostert WR - C Ridley, D Parker, G Davis, Hollywood Brown, M Gallup, S Shepard, E Sanders, J Crowder, A Lazard, M Callaway TE - Kelce, Kmet, Doyle
  12. If "ifs and buts" were fruit and nuts, we'd all have a happy christmas. Point being, LOTS of things need to go exactly in Harris' favor for him to become a viable fantasy starter. In my eyes, he's one of those fantasy players who collects dust on your bench...just good enough to not cut, yet will never see your starting roster.
  13. Value check on Mike Davis? Seems like 2021 he's locked into the lead back role, possibly 2022 if the Falcons go QB and Def like they should in next year's draft.
  14. Not sure I could long term be in a league of hoarders like that. What makes this game fun outside of the draft is the wheeling and dealing that happens at other times.
  15. Generational talent at TE. Weak talent at the TE spot on your roster. Seems like a match made in heaven, no? I wouldn't expect Pitts to be Kelce from the get-go, but after a year or so you'll have that position locked down for a long time.
  16. Couldn't be more pleased with this draft so far. Pace has hit home runs on both these picks without giving up a ton of future capital. If we can hit on a wr/kr and a backup corner with 151 and the 6th round picks, this will be the best Bear's draft in a long, long time.
  17. Any other year, any other team and I'd agree. This draft is arguably deep in all the positions the Bears need (OL, WR, CB). To trade down into the upper second and pull an additional 2nd, 3rd and 4th would really help fill the holes in this roster. Those middle rounds are also Pace's forte.
  18. The ideal situation (barring one of the top 5 falling to 20), is for the Bears to trade down from 20 into the upper second. Grab an OT with the higher second round pick and Mond with 52. Use the extra picks ( likely a 3rd and 4th) from the trade down to stack up on WR, CB, and OL talent. If Mond is a bust, Dalton will still be serviceable and there will be opportunity next season to draft another QB.
  19. (my) Homerism aside, I like Monty's skillset and production in the last half of the season when Nagy was relieved of playcalling duties. But honestly, there's so many moving parts in Chicago right now that I'd rate him more of a cautious hold than anything else. Dalton is an upgrade over Trubisky in every sense of the word. Presumably they will target OL and WR in the draft. So the stage could be set for a solid low end RB1 / high end RB2 season for him. The wheels could also come off with this team and he could be relegated back to single digit carries.
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