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  1. I think we can safely sub Foles for Trubisky in all those bottom 5 lists.
  2. The line really came together toward the end of the season. Add a tackle or a guy who can play both inside and out and it'll be fine. Besides, Russ seems to work better under pressure. The names being floated around the "hot take" circuit are Mack and Monty. The loss of Mack surely would hurt and the idea that Quinn takes over that role is terrifying, but the D itself would still be an overall strong unit. Monty is replaceable, period. The point being, taking a hit on the defensive side of the ball and finding a new RB are much easier than finding a QB of Russ' ability. Russ also w
  3. I go back and forth on this one. Russ in Chicago makes it a no brainier playoff team. If they can keep ARob, Mooney Kmet and Monty that makes for a pretty exciting offense teamed with a solidly above average defense. That seems to be the recipe for Superbowl runs in this day and age. My concern is that Nagy's ego would be counterproductive with Russ expecting to give input. The two of them ending up at loggerheads would be disaster for many, many years to come.
  4. I'm with you on Hopkins. Adding to your astute evaluation, I think his situation dictates a little more downgrade. Kyler will get his rushing TDs, most of which will come from red zone offense. If he were playing with more of a pocket passer, I'd hold him. As is, I'm actively pursuing trades.
  5. The move for the future is to pick up a journeyman (Fitzmagic, Winston, etc) from free agency and picking a rookie (Trask?) with our second. That leaves plenty remaining draft capital to upgrade positions of need. Its not what Pace/Nagy will do, because they are in a win now situation. What they will probably do is trade two firsts for Carr and do they best they can filling positions of need in the later rounds of the draft. Pace has shown he can find gems in later rounds so maybe it works for him?
  6. Didn't realize Brissett was a UFA as he's not getting the buzz of some other QBs around the league. He's essentially had a season to mentor under Rivers and threw for something close to 3000 yards and 20Tds in 2019. Given the OPs "worst case scenario", signing him to <$15mil per over a 2-3 year contract and then drafting Trask in the second is sounding pretty attractive right now.
  7. Wentz? Really? Giving any draft capital for that dude is a waste. I still don't understand why we aren't reaching out to Jameis. Assuming he wants to be a starter, we could sign him for less than any other vet QB, keep all.of our current and future draft capital to focus on surrounding him with talent, and resign key players. Too practical for Pace/Nagy, though.
  8. He has the measurables to be a TE1 in 2021. I think the game was still to fast for him until the very last part of the season where he started looking really good. The lack of a real training camp really stunted him, IMO.
  9. Colts, Bears, and Saints are three being mentioned. I wouldn't be surprised if New England and Carolina weren't interested. The honest truth is that he'd be a value sign starter for any team in need of a qb that isn't in full blown rebuild mode.
  10. He's garnering too much attention from other teams as their starter to take (another) year of minimum salary as the saints backup.
  11. Can you expound on this ceiling cap at age 22? Relative newb to the boards here, although I've been a round ffl for a long time. I'd assume that given the circumstances of 2020 that MOST rookie's performance will increase more than normal between season 1 and 2, age be damned.
  12. I'm in the opposite camp. I think this signals a move to the running game for Detroit. Goff doesn't have to be great. The wrs don't have to be great. Swift with a reasonable offseason, training camp and preseason is going to be special. He flashed that talent this season with an abbreviated intro to the NFL. I see 1400 total yards as an achieveable target.
  13. Not to argue your point too much (because I think it's fairly accurate), but Wilson looked visibly different from the first 8 weeks to the last 8. His decision making was a little off, he wasn't running like he normally does, and at times threw what appeared to be lazy passes. I can't place all that blame on Carroll. I kept waiting to hear of some kind of injury for Russ those last games of the season.
  14. Wilson is perpetually overlooked. He's also super frustrating to own. This season, for instance, he carried one of my teams for the first half of the season and then largely disappeared in the second half with no real rhyme or reason as to why his stats dropped so significantly.
  15. What do you think happened in the second half of the season? He put Seattle on his back the first 9 games of the season.
  16. As a Bears fan (obviously), I love Mooney. I think he was an absolute steal for the Bears. That said, there will be upheaval in Chicago this season because of the salary cap situation, QB situation, and likely FO changes. That dampens my valuation on him because the move from WR2/3 to WR1 (assuming AR12 isn't resigned) is often difficult and he is unproven against the leagues CB1s. I'd stash him if you can, but I wouldn't expect results from him in 2021.
  17. This right here. I thought the MIA FO was absolutely out of their mind trading so much talent for draft capital but they have certainly trended in the right direction. I expect them to be opportunistic in this year's draft and to fill positions around Tua to give him as much a chance of success in year 2 as possible.
  18. Standard scoring 12 team league, IDP, 6pt passing TD. Start 1QB, 1WR, 1RB, 1TE, 2Flex, 3IDP (any positional player) and 1PK. I'll be honest, I won this league on luck and luck alone. Ended up 10-3 for 1st place in the playoff bracket. 9th in total points scored and 1st in points against by a wide margin. QB - Jackson, Mayfield RB - Gurley, Drake, Du. Johnson, Swift, Montgomery, Fournette WR - Cooper, Boyd TE - Hockenson, Goedert K - streamed, but mostly Matt Gay IDP - mostly streamed, with Patrick Queen and Erik Kendricks
  19. Right? Op here. Allen is definitely the high ceiling play here, but as a favorite going in a semifinal matchup, I need to consider floor. I'm leaning Beasley fwiw.
  20. As a favorite, you care more about floor than ceiling. Drake is the higher floor play here.
  21. 1/2 PPR WR spot. (Q) Keenan Allen, Cole Beasley (vs DEN), DIonte Johnson (butterfingers) WDIS?
  22. This right here. In most scoring systems it's near impossible for a single player (someone who'd be in your starting lineup anyway) to score negative, much less two starters. Keep your lineup and enjoy your close, hard fought win.
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