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  1. What do you think happened in the second half of the season? He put Seattle on his back the first 9 games of the season.
  2. As a Bears fan (obviously), I love Mooney. I think he was an absolute steal for the Bears. That said, there will be upheaval in Chicago this season because of the salary cap situation, QB situation, and likely FO changes. That dampens my valuation on him because the move from WR2/3 to WR1 (assuming AR12 isn't resigned) is often difficult and he is unproven against the leagues CB1s. I'd stash him if you can, but I wouldn't expect results from him in 2021.
  3. This right here. I thought the MIA FO was absolutely out of their mind trading so much talent for draft capital but they have certainly trended in the right direction. I expect them to be opportunistic in this year's draft and to fill positions around Tua to give him as much a chance of success in year 2 as possible.
  4. Standard scoring 12 team league, IDP, 6pt passing TD. Start 1QB, 1WR, 1RB, 1TE, 2Flex, 3IDP (any positional player) and 1PK. I'll be honest, I won this league on luck and luck alone. Ended up 10-3 for 1st place in the playoff bracket. 9th in total points scored and 1st in points against by a wide margin. QB - Jackson, Mayfield RB - Gurley, Drake, Du. Johnson, Swift, Montgomery, Fournette WR - Cooper, Boyd TE - Hockenson, Goedert K - streamed, but mostly Matt Gay IDP - mostly streamed, with Patrick Queen and Erik Kendricks
  5. Right? Op here. Allen is definitely the high ceiling play here, but as a favorite going in a semifinal matchup, I need to consider floor. I'm leaning Beasley fwiw.
  6. As a favorite, you care more about floor than ceiling. Drake is the higher floor play here.
  7. 1/2 PPR WR spot. (Q) Keenan Allen, Cole Beasley (vs DEN), DIonte Johnson (butterfingers) WDIS?
  8. This right here. In most scoring systems it's near impossible for a single player (someone who'd be in your starting lineup anyway) to score negative, much less two starters. Keep your lineup and enjoy your close, hard fought win.
  9. Hop is still getting targets and yards receiving. Currently he's ranked 4th in both categories. He and Diggs (110 targets, 945yds, 4TDs) have similar stat lines and are, in my eyes, in similar situations. Both have a QB who can run and get into the end zone. That will limit the red zone opportunities for each. Interestingly, both QBs (Murray and Allen) have progressed exceptionally well in passing this year and I would expect them to rely more on their arm instead of their legs moving forward.
  10. Just got an offer of CEH for Hopkins in a half ppr league. Tempted because my other RBs are Montgomery, Gurley, and Conner and I'm stacked at WR.
  11. Looks like the schedule eases up a bit for KC in 3 of the remaining 5 weeks. What's the likelyhood he gets closer to 20 touches per game with that in mind?
  12. Corey Davis has absolutely burned/disappointed so many FFL GMs by now that most don't consider him at all. I've been guilty of that this entire season.
  13. Value on DeAndre Hopkins moving forward? ARZ has an absolutely brutal schedule down the stretch, has been trending toward the running game, and Hopkins is 28.
  14. Low 2021 first in my 12 team league. I'm making a run for the title this season and this puts my WR corps over the top.
  15. Excellent analysis, except I expect the Jets to clean house after this season. New GM, New HC, all of that. Jones would be in interesting guy to bring in to build on. That said, they have much, much more pressing needs.
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