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  1. 1962? (Depending on how you define "blue")
  2. Hell, if Hunt had done what he did and not lied to the Chiefs about it, they still might have let him stay on the roster while he served his suspension. You can say that the Chiefs acted cynically to avoid the PR hit, and I certainly wouldn't argue with that, but the fact is that the lying was the reason they cited for cutting him, and without that they may have tried to weather the storm.
  3. If the numbers in a vacuum favored going for it, the fact that the game featured two of the greatest QBs in NFL history in their prime would only strengthen the case (Brady = higher percentage of converting than an average NFL offense; Peyton = higher risk of giving him the ball back). I still maintain the thing that made it so controversial was the field position. If it had been closer to midfield it wouldn't have felt so wrong to everyone. But going for it in their own territory was something that teams simply didn't do. If the exact same thing happened today, I suspect it would still be controversial (though less so than it was in 2009).
  4. Interestingly, I remember people saying the same thing about Singletary when he was a rookie. At this point, their career trajectories are looking relatively similar (except that Singletary has more competition for touches). If Moss got cut tomorrow wouldn't we regard them as basically the same low-end RB2/flex?
  5. Ravens: We're going to have all the best RBs from 2016! 49ers: Hold my Anchor Steam. (What's funny is that I realized after I wrote this that I literally had Miller and Latavius as my top two RBs in 2016 and Bell, Miller and Duke in 2017. And I'm sure I had Yeldon as well at some point.)
  6. Drafted him in the late 4th round of a 14-teamer and I'm reasonably happy so far. His peripherals (targets, slot formations) all seem good, and we started seeing some of the production yesterday. It's possible Ryan will hold him back, but I'm not ready to write off Smith's offense after two games. Certainly doesn't seem like anyone is going to pose a major challenge to him and Ridley for targets
  7. Florida has been dining out on its swing-state cred since 2000. When I moved here in 2015 I still bought it. But by 2018 it became clear to me that it was a red state with close elections that always end up tipping to the GOP. Without the three SE counties (Palm, Broward, Miami-Dade) we're basically a Deep South state on par with Alabama and Mississippi. State Democratic party has pretty much been hapless since Lawton Chiles died. Unless there's a major political realignment or a huge exogenous shock (or the Dems suddenly figure out how to unlock the Latino vote), I fully expect it to continue getting redder.
  8. To his credit(?) he admitted today that he should have taken the penalty (although I wonder what the numbers say between 3rd and 10 vs 4th and 2). That said, admitting that he made a bad decision because he got frustrated won't do much to dispel feelings that he's out of his depth as a HC.
  9. What defenses so far are candidates to be true plug and plays (or at least, plug and play in all but the worst matchups)? I targeted Denver in my drafts, partly based on their matchups and partly on their talent, and have been very happy. They could be a keeper. Carolina looks like it could be as well, along with New England (though you'll definitely want someone else for the Tampa match-up in two weeks). Who else? Buffalo? Rams? Chargers?
  10. Now that Matt Brieda never sniffs the field, Johnson is the king of "limps off at least once a week but somehow comes back". I don't expect this injury to be too serious. I expect him to play next week, injure something else, and then play through that injury as well.
  11. It's looking increasingly likely that kids will be able to get shots by Halloween.
  12. It just seems like gadget guys, even talented ones like Harvin or Curtis Samuel, seem to have a lower ceiling. I'm not sure why that is -- and it's possible that Harvin may have been the exception without all the injuries -- but those guys never seem to emerge as reliable fantasy studs. One of the pleasant surprises so far this year is Deebo's seeming transformation into a more traditional WR1. Then again, you're also correct that we don't need Moore to necessarily be a WR1 stud (which was always going to be impossible anyway with Hopkins there). We just need him to be a talented guy in a high-octane offense. It probably means that he and Kirk trade off fantasy usefulness on a week-to-week basis, but I could still see both emerging as semi-reliable starters (which is about the best you can expect from your WR2/3).
  13. Watching his full Week 2 highlights, the one thing that's potentially concerning is that, other than the bomb (which was a busted play), all of his other touches came on screens and touch-passes. Maybe that's a good thing (they're manufacturing touches), maybe it's bad (he doesn't know the full route tree) and maybe it's temporary. Just something to keep an eye on.
  14. I'm not going to bother to look up the numbers, but I remember at the time lots of stat-heads talking about how that play was very clearly the right call from a WP perspective. It was only incorrect from the perspective of "This feels wrong and football teams never do it".
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