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  1. 1 minute ago, [icon] said:

    And the COVIDIOT Antivaxxers will ##### about #MuhFreedum #Control when their favorite show is cancelled, and refuse to admit that it's their own God###n fault. 

    It really is everyone else's fault with that group. I try to figure out their position and check in on some of them on Twitter from time to time, but all they really do is complain about masks, why aren't kids in school, how come I can't see my servers face at a restaurant, you don't need a vaccine, people who wear masks after vaccines have a mental disorder, suicide is up because of remote learning and masks, don't test people, kids are immune. What I never see is what their solution is. Just let it rip? Roll the dice and you'll mostly be ok? Yes, we all know things kinda suck right now, but that group is the worst of the worst. Zero suggestions on how things can get better under the reality of circumstances but pissed off at anyone who is trying to mitigate spread.

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  2. On 7/17/2021 at 6:10 PM, Judge Smails said:

    It’s over again. Los Angeles and Las Vegas requiring masks indoors due to the unvaxxed idiots. Man I despise ignorant people. Have 2 shows in next few weeks and now don’t even want to go

    Yeah, I don't think any of the fall shows are going to happen this year. The Netherlands just had a supposed "COVID safe" music festival that turned into a superspreader event. I think some venues in the US could maybe manage to have safe shows, but have a feeling some of our early festivals like Lollapalooza won't end well and will put an end to most of the other tours and festivals. Having Lollapalooza this year seems like one of the dumber ideas. I get that it's outside, but that event is always butts to nuts packed with people from all over the country and world. 


  3. This study published today in NEJM shows that two doses of all vaccines is very effective against Delta and that two doses of Pfizer/BioNTech (BNT162b2 ) vaccine loses minimal effectiveness; 93.7% alpha to 88 % delta. Encouraging. Paper also points out that 2 doses is really important, so perhaps the 1 shot UK plan wasn't the best approach.


    Only modest differences in vaccine effectiveness were noted with the delta variant as compared with the alpha variant after the receipt of two vaccine doses. Absolute differences in vaccine effectiveness were more marked after the receipt of the first dose. This finding would support efforts to maximize vaccine uptake with two doses among vulnerable populations. (Funded by Public Health England.) With the BNT162b2 vaccine, a small difference in effectiveness between variants was seen after the second dose: 93.7% (95% CI, 91.6 to 95.3) with the alpha variant and 88.0% (95% CI, 85.3 to 90.1) with the delta variant.

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  4. On 7/20/2021 at 11:07 AM, urbanhack said:

    This team sure is ####### fun to watch! Moon shot, game winner by Sheets just keeps adding the story.

    Robert now starting rehab assignment. All the pieces coming into place!

    Imagine Robert and Eloy inserted into the lineup. Vaughn at DH. Engle bats 8th and Garcia 9th.  Can't wait to see it all put together.

    Those two Twins games were crazy. I was watching it last night and my 18 yo daughter came home from work and sat down with me. She probably hasn't watched a game since I took her to father/daughter Sox games when she was a little kid. It was the top of the 8th, Twins go ahead and I'm bummed. I was thinking she'd just go relax in her room but she stayed with me and we were going nuts in the Sox half of the 8th. We even woke up my youngest who was pissed.

    Vaughn comes in and gets a clutch hit. That Engel slide was an amazing play. Dude went all out, dodged the tag, got his hand on the plate and smashed his face on the ground. Just bonkers. We'd both go "oooooofffff" on the slow mo replays seeing him face plant. Just got up and trotted away. Nails.

    Then Hamilton gets up there. I have a laugh about how goofy the number zero is and tell her he's been a good player this year but not the best hitter as he rips one into left. YEEESSS. High fives. The Abreu blast was icing on the cake, but he crushed that. Having that moment with my soon to be college freshman wasn't lost on me either. It was a good time.

    It was one of the most exciting innings of baseball I've seen, barely eclipsing the last inning of the game before with the Sheets blast. Two incredible wins.

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  5. 4 hours ago, culdeus said:

    There has to be some model suggesting what is worst case situation given the level of vaccines already out, and cases already recovered.  Where is Nate Silver when you need him?

    I think I'd guess we never get back to a daily death total in the US of 1000/day Even 500/day seems really unrealistic.

    500 a day seems like a certainty. We're in the mid 300's today with 22 state not reporting yet and this wave is just getting cranked up.

  6. 1 hour ago, cap'n grunge said:

    The Washington Post: Opinion | CDC guidance on masking needs to change — now.

    Seems exactly what the CDC would do. The problem is the horse is out of the barn. A move like that would be seen as punishing vaccinated at the expense of protecting people who refuse to get the vaccine. I'm perfectly open to the idea that the CDC is full of clueless knuckleheads that don't know science from Shinola, but what "science" has changed in two months? Either the vaccines are working or they aren't. If they aren't working against Delta, Pfizer said they were prepared to create a booster, yet 2 weeks ago the CDC said that isn't needed.

  7. 22 minutes ago, Doug B said:

    Right on.

    One good thing is that even now, with the vaccines under emergency-use authorization, the courts have been consistently ruling in favor of employers' right to require COVID vaccination (e.g. Houston Methodist hospital system, Indiana University).

    That is good to hear.

    I just saw the Greek Theater in CA is starting their concert season and is requiring ALL attendees to show proof of vaccination via the Clear app. I get that government can't and probably shouldn't get into the "health passport" thing, but I think it's completely legit for a private business to require it. As a vaccinated consumer, I'd much rather have a choice of going somewhere to spend my money in person knowing that vaccination is required.

    No doubt the live entertainment and food service industry have a lot to lose if this thing spirals out of control again forcing government restriction or closure of their businesses. I'm kind of disappointed that the free market hasn't been more proactive to this point, but do think they are the key to ending it, not the government. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, Doug B said:

    I agree overall, and your point about full approval making requirement more tenable for employers is a good one.

    Shifting focus a bit: I believe that pretty much all the individual people that say "The vaccines aren't approved so I won't get them yet!" will not suddenly change their minds upon FDA approval. It's been an quick-grab excuse 90+% of the time you hear it, not a considered reason.

    Still, if FDA approval can wring out another 10% of the population getting vaccinated and push us near 80% ... it will be a big win.

    I get that, but I do think the longer the FDA waits the longer this situation drags out. Like you said in your post above, we're in this weird grey area part of the pandemic. You can get the shot or not get it. You can take off your mask if vaccinated, and should wear them if not vaccinated, but you aren't compelled to show proof of vaccination. It's just a muddle.

    I'm just a layperson, but have followed the development of mRNA tech for a few years now, well before Covid hit, out of interest in it. I personally felt safe getting the vaccine as soon as it was available. Based on three decades of proven safety of mRNA in countless other studies I believed it would be a slam dunk for quick approval. The fact that it's been over a year since the first trials and a couple of months since application for approval is somewhat troubling to me considering the gravity of the pandemic. So I can imagine it is even more troubling for those who think mRNA was just cooked up last year. There are people who still call mRNA "novel vaccines". 

    It's not even the FDA or government doing anything really, other than stamping them "approved". From there the entire machine of private and public business will have standing to require them for their best interest to protect their businesses and institutions. That will be a big shift toward the end of the pandemic IMO. 

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  9. 43 minutes ago, jobarules said:


    Yeah but going back to masks is going to be a HUGE setback. Instead they need to be more blunt "Hey look, if you're unvaccinated and dont want to wear a mask, that's on you. May the odds be forever in your favor". The only way people on the fence are going to get vaccinated is when non-vaccinated people close to them start getting very sick or dying and vaccinated people keep living their lives.



    If the FDA would approve the vaccines the mask issue would largely go away. Schools, businesses, etc. would be able to require vaccination which would really help. At that point, mask usage would be entirely up the people who want to wear them. No dictating necessary.

    Right now in most places there is no real consequence, other than a chance of getting sick, that is compelling those on the fence to get vaccinated and that doesn't seem to have an effect. But when vaccination is required to attend events, travel, go to work, go to school we'll get over the hump. At that point there really won't be any need for government to dictate anything like masks as private businesses will do a lot of the heavy lifting.

    I really don't get the FDA's slow playing of this. It's not like there is really anything more pressing right now, is there? I mean what is in the queue that is more pressing for them? Should of been all hands on deck months ago. The fact they only have an "acting director" over there is a travesty 6 months into Biden's term. Not to mention having the vaccines not be approved at this point just fuels vaccine skepticism further. The FDA can approve an Alzheimer drug with dubious efficacy in a 3,000 person study and they can't figure out if a vaccine that's been pumped into millions of people can be approved yet? So dumb.


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  10. 15 minutes ago, [icon] said:


    Good Thread over at r/medicine regarding soaring cases in the UK. They're about to hit their all time high in cases, but deaths are 10% of what they were at the last peak.

    Part of that is improved tribal knowledge on treatment. Most is vaccines doing some very heavy lifting right now. 

    One doc commenting they can clearly tell if someone was vaxxed or not by the damage revealed by a simple chest X-ray.


    It is pretty remarkable. I was looking a the charts on Worldometer the other day and if you overlay the cases and death charts in almost any country, the death spikes all correlate with the case surges offset by a few weeks. The fact that the UK's deaths are disproportionately flat during this surge compared to their past surges is a silver lining. Seems like they are well past the "wait 2 weeks" for the death spike as their surge started almost 2 months ago. Recent surges in undervaxxed countries like India show the recent surges had a corresponding death spikes, so it does seem like a reasonable theory that vaccines at least may break a link between cases and deaths.

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  11. I'm rewatching Wayward Pines on Hulu with my 14 year old. She loves shows like Stranger Things and she's enjoying it so far. We're up to episode 3 where the wall opens and a creature takes the body and she says "it's like the demogorgon in Stranger Things". Kind of fun rewatching it as I had no idea who the Duffer Brothers were in 2015, and that they'd go on to create Stranger Things. Definitely can see some of their style in Wayward Pines that they built on for Stranger Things. I don't remember liking the ending of Wayward Pines, but we're having fun. 


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  12. Getting both Mostert and Sermon in redraft isn't very doable in recent drafts unless you're on an end and willing to take both back to back, which I hate doing. I've been taking Sermon over Mostert at this point. Mostert is no doubt the starter and the proven player, but it's tough to pull the trigger on a 29 year old coming off an 8 game season on a team that says they want to run the ball 500 times. I'll take the young legs and see what happens.


  13. 15 hours ago, dawgtrails said:

    And not even just vaccines. There are hundreds of over the counter and prescriotion meds we regularly shovel down our gullets that have terrible side effects

    Yep. Every pharma commercial on TV ends with a litany of side effects, many say may include death. These are FDA approved drugs. 

    Here is a short list of side effects of Humira (adalimumab), the most advertised drug for Crohn's disease:

    Adalimumab may cause a rare type of lymphoma (cancer) of the liver, spleen, and bone marrow that can be fatal. This has occurred mainly in teenagers and young men with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. However, anyone with an inflammatory autoimmune disorder may have a higher risk of lymphoma. Talk with your doctor about your own risk.

    It is not known whether this medicine will harm an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant. Make sure any doctor caring for your newborn baby knows if you used adalimumab while you were pregnant.

    It may not be safe to breastfeed a baby while you are using this medicine. Ask your doctor about any risks.

  14. 3 hours ago, JB Breakfast Club said:

    I want some individual weed company exposure. I know TLRY and SNDL are meme darlings, but I went with GRWG after about 30 minutes of research. They seem to have good infrastructure to ramp up production when additional states come on board. Are there others I should look at for small positions? 

    Big fan of Cresco Labs Inc. (CRLBF) here in IL. I have no idea if the stock is any good, but I like their product. They are in every dispensary around here, and I think have their own branded dispensaries too. I wanted to buy a chunk around $5 a while back but it's OTC and I'm not on any platform that will allow trading it.

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  15. 44 minutes ago, Galileo said:

    I wish my son had gone the Learning Community route, but he chose not to.  Many of the LCs have designated living spaces.

    That link you shared below showing the Auxiliary Housing is Shreve. Damn, that looks really crappy cramming 3 into a room. Since we haven't gotten confirmation, I assume 3 to a room could still be on the table. #$%&. That sucks, she'll hate that.

  16. 12 hours ago, Galileo said:

    Anyone else have a kid going into their first year at Purdue this fall?  This is not so much an admissions question as it is a bit of a rant, but I figure this thread was the best place for it. 

    What an absolute CLUSTERF*CK the Purdue housing situation has been.  For starters, the system for scheduling a move in time, which was supposed to open July 1st, completely crashed and couldn't handle the traffic.  They finally got it up and running by July 5th, but the only available move in times for the majority getting into the system was Midnight - 7:30 am.  We were told to sign up for that and then try to go back in later over the next several days and change the time as they add more time slots to the system.  Two changes later, my son finally got a reasonable time slot.  Move in set for August 14th...OK, some glitchy technology.  We got through it.  Then...

    This past Thursday they hosted a virtual event to discuss housing and meal programs and such.  They dropped the bombshell that 2500 freshmen would be receiving an email survey to indicate preference for ALTERNATIVE housing.  They do not have space for 2500 kids!  Oooh, the Facebook groups have blown up!  Of course, my kid was one of the lucky randomly selected 2500 kids.  They have reconfigured spaces in existing dorms.  This includes making standard double rooms into triples, triples into quads and non room spaces like basements and study lounges into barracks style living spaces.  They have also rented out off campus apartment buildings which they will then rent to students through a master lease agreement run through university housing.  Some of these apartments are a few miles away from central campus which has been described as a 15 minute bus ride away.  So, my son is a month away from his move in date, not sure where he will end up, and not sure what kind of cramped, or inconveniently located, living quarters he will end up in. 

    On another issue, his schedule hasn't been able to be settled because his AP scores aren't available yet.  His advisor has signed him up for classes for which he should already have credit, for example Calc 2.  He should be in Calc 3.   Advisor says he can switch when the AP scores get report IF the Calc 3 classes aren't already filled.  IF?  Really? 

    I am sure (hope?) everything will eventually work out, but we are off to a less than impressive start at Purdue.

    Damn. No issues so far for my daughter (as far as I know). Didn’t even know about any move in issues. She scheduled her move in Aug 14, 11am and had a choice of later afternoon too. She was accepted to a learning community a few months ago for Engineering and band kids and got her first choice of Shreve Hall. She’s trying out for marching band and the practice field is across the street. She hasn’t received her room # or roomate info yet, so we hoping no problems. Thanks for the heads up. She’s been setting it all up. I’ll make sure to tell her to keep on top of everything. Hoping things work out.

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  17. 1 minute ago, Doug B said:

    Going to take some time (a few months or so), but this will all come out in the wash. The popular media here is overstating both sides' scientific predictions. It's not Pfizer saying "Gotta get boosters NOW or all the vaccinated are unprotected!" and it's not the CDC saying "Meh, vaccination immunity lasts for years -- chill already!" The positions are much more nuanced than that.

    One thing I really hope is not happening is that Pfizer is appearing to be perhaps chasing profits (trying to ensure more doses are paid for in the near future for booster use). Bur Pfizer will need to get external stakeholders on board to make that happen, so there are checks on the worst potential abuses of the system. Pfizer could well be in the right -- it's just that it will also require independent researchers to reach similar conclusions and build consensus around them.

    True. But it seems weird that Pfizer is using the efficacy data from Isreal on Delta and saying there could be an issue here and the CDC is pushing back. I bet in a month or so the CDC will be back in freak out mode. Masks back on, distancing, etc. Seems like a good thing that a private company is at least being proactive. The CDC has proven during the pandemic to be reactive and frankly not very helpful by consistently releasing contradictory information.

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  18. On 6/28/2021 at 11:08 AM, Doug B said:

     Cross-posted from another FFA thread:

    Preliminary, and will require replication and corroboration. Still worth reporting IMHO. Really hoping this holds up over future studies:


    Things change fast.


    CDC is super not helpful IMO. So they're pushing back on the need for boosters after telling everyone to take off their masks yet are concerned about the Delta surge. WTF. Even doomsday guys like Topol are pushing back on the need for boosters and backing the CDC.


    2 days after freaking out about the UK "Freedom Day".


    Pick a lane guy.

  19. 1 hour ago, beer 30 said:

    I've been on allergy pills since 1998. Prior to that I suffered mightily with sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes. I highly recommend to anyone who even mildly suffers from allergies to go see an allergist and dial in what is causing your allergies. From there, dial in a program to treat them and stay consistent. Most all medications are over the counter now, it's pretty easy to not have to deal with allergies these days unless you have something really weird effecting you.

    Thanks. Aleve Cold & Sinus works for me after I get symptoms, but not sure the cause. Something environmental like mold or pollen has been my guess.

  20. 45 minutes ago, IvanKaramazov said:

    Well, there's no really no point in testing for covid in that case.  We don't bother to test for diseases that only cause minor, barely-noticeable symptoms.  That's "minor nuisance" territory.

    That's my thought. I've done all I can do to this point, except get Covid. Just trying to play it forward when the inevitable "fall surge" or "variant explosion" doomsday news is everywhere. 

  21. 1 hour ago, Jayrod said:

    Don't think I ever have.  Was a bit stunned watching the Crying Game with my dad at 15 years old, but we just stuck it out and then drove home in silence instead.

    My mom took me to see Risky Business when I was 14. That CTA scene was awkward as a pubescent teen sitting with mom. Awesome movie though.

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  22. I'm too cheap to walk out of a movie. If I paid, I just sit there and take it.

    The last one I remember feeling ripped off in was The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water. Took the tribe there after seeing the trailer and I was thinking "cool, SpongeBob comes to life in the real world", but nooooooo. Instead it was an 1 hour cartoon with like 10 minutes tops of live action SpongeBob at the end. Kids were ok with it and I just got drunk and the wife drove home, so all was cool in the end.


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