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  1. Got dose 1 of Pfizer today at a local Walgreens. Was surprised there were only 4 people there at my appointment time, and I was second in line. Thought it would be some huge line like the DMV. Took around 30 min from check in to shot. Seemed like it should've been faster honestly, but the poor pharmacist was doing a million things and had to give the shots. Didn't feel a thing and no adverse reaction. I also received an appointment for my second dose in 4 weeks. Easy peasy. Getting a free Covid vax is the biggest no-brainer I can think of.
  2. I'm somewhat of a crime doc junkie, and the fact that I never heard about this story kind of blew my mind. I was in HS in 85 and have no memory of this happening. These wild cases usually get the Dateline or 20/20 treatment at some point, but don't recall even seeing that. It was like I was watching a fictional movie. 3 episodes was perfect. Sometimes they drag these things out. ETA: I couldn't figure out how to add a spoiler so need to edit this a bit, but this was a deceptively deep series. On the surface it was a slick looking crime procedural, but it went way deeper. So many thoughts were bouncing around my head after watching it.
  3. My youngest loved it and is 14. My 17 year wasn't really into it.
  4. Anyone have any insight into how Israel has something like 80% of their population vaccinated and they are considering a 4th lockdown due to increased spread? I've read all the supposed great real world data on the PFE vaccine from Israel, but this result doesn't seem to match those reports. UAE numbers aren't great either more than 2 months in. Are these vaccines not working? Take a long time to work? https://www.timesofisrael.com/as-transmission-rate-rises-above-1-virus-czar-says-4th-lockdown-a-possibility/
  5. We did this too. So fun to experience it again with the kids. What a monster show that was back in the day. My youngest loved it.
  6. I really enjoyed “Murder Among the Mormons” on Netflix. Crazy crime doc. Fascinated by the whole thing.
  7. Thanks. We live in Illinois, so advocating for them from here is tough. Awesome info. I was able to find available vaccine in a Rocky Mount CVS. They live in Roanoke. I'll get them signed up. Truly a life saver. Thanks again.
  8. Virginia is nuts too. My in-laws live there. Father in-law is a 97 year old cancer survivor who hasn't been able to get one yet, neither has his 80 something wife who is basically his nurse. They're on multiple lists and haven't been given access to an appointment for over a month. I have no idea what the thinking is there. Crazy.
  9. I have been following Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute in Israel who has been studying the data on their vaccination program. He has been very positive about the data, but posts this today: “Remember that vaccine efficacy was measured under conditions of masks and social distancing Efficacy is the sum of biological protection of the vaccine and protection resulting from public behavior. If behavior changes, efficacy will likely decline, perhaps even significantly” WTF? I’m not a doctor, but what is the point of the vaccine if this is true? https://mobile.twitter.com/segal_eran/status/1365930703716835328
  10. Yeah, the Model 3 almost BK'd them. Lucid will need more cash at some point. Having the PIF of Saudi Arabia as the majority owner should help with that. I have a decent sized position @ $7.5 a share and feel comfortable with the risk there. I just really like the tech and the engineers in the company and excited to take the journey with them. I also have a few friends who are writers in the EV space, who know their stuff and love the company and the Air. If Lucid whiffs, it won't break me. Not trying to convince you of anything. I get it, not worth the risk for you. The Lucid roadmap is similar as Teslas; build the expensive model first, use skateboard and efficiencies of scale to build lower priced models and SUVs. With 1 factory built in AZ with 400,000 a year capacity and two more proposed for Saudi Arabia and China, they plan on making more than a handful of cars.
  11. Yeah, execution is a huge risk. As it was with Tesla. In the end an investor has to believe in the technology and vision of the company. When I look at what Lucid has done in-house with engineering, it is amazing. It could also be so overly engineered they can never mass produce it. Their battery tech alone, carried over from years of testing on the Formula E circuit when they were called Atieva, is ahead of any mass producers in efficiency and range. Lucid also has the same desire as Tesla to be an energy storage company, their "vehicle-to-everything" strategy will allow their cars/batteries to power a home as a back-up system for example. Lucid engineered their own drivetrain that if produced at scale will be the class leader in performance and efficiency. Even their light array engineered in house is groundbreaking. These guys aren't just Frankensteining a car with shelf parts, they are creating EV 2.0. Can they pull it off? If they can't they won't be worth anything. If a person believes they can, it will be worth more in the future than today.
  12. Thanks for the response. I enjoy reading your posts about this and have learned a lot. I only have $4k in BTC, but this issue has me hesitate considering it an investment vs. a gamble. For me personally, the unknown variable of who controls $30b of BTC and not knowing their intentions isn't a positive. I get that they could of sold at many points and didn't, so it could be benign and a non-issue. The anonymous factor is tough to get past too. It could be that these are honest, good people holding it or it could be some blackhats endgame to crater it all after the value gets to a certain level or time period. Dunno. Either way, people have to trust the system they created for it to work. The creator(s) hoarding that many coins makes them the central government of this system, and gives them a ton of power to keep it going or crashing it all down.
  13. The biggest question I have about Bitcoin is how much can anyone trust whoever created it? From what I've read, the Satoshi guy might either be dead, or a bunch of people, or who knows. I've also read that whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is, he/they have amassed 1.1 million bitcoins for themselves and supposedly haven't sold any. Now if this imaginary person is dead and those coins could never be used, that is one thing. But if some anonymous person or collective is just sitting on over a million coins isn't that a huge red flag? I get not trusting governments with monetary policy, but at least there is some accountability in a democracy. But putting trust an anonymous dude or persons who in essence could control the price of Bitcoin on a whim seems sketchy.
  14. added 100 CCIV @ 30, looking like it's going to 25 or lower though. Will probably add at 25 too and lower if it breaks that. Full panic sell mode going on. Looking to take advantage of that. New purchase averaged to $7.50 a share. I'm good with that.
  15. I only had 400 @ 13 and sold 100 at $60 and free rolling the rest. Will probably buy more at some point. I love Lucid.
  16. I really can't believe SNAP is over 106B. I had 1000 shares at $5 when my kids were into it. Then they told me it wasn't cool and none of their friends used it anymore so I sold at $8 or $9. #$%&!!!!!!!! I'm not even sure I get their business model of catering to kids who have no purchasing power at all. Don't really regret not holding something I don't understand, but it's a "what could of been" stock.
  17. I'm a glutton for punishment, but bought another chunk of IPOE at 17.8. Missed the 16's. In for 2000 shares total @ 19.5 average. Unless I'm missing the math on the merger; if it stays at 19, SoFi will be just under 17x sales with 2021 rev expected in the $1b range, growing in the 60% range. Also expected to post its first profit in 2021 with projected EBITA of $1.5b in 2025. Multi product member growth was reported to be 220% last year, projected to grow 95% this year. I have to think the pending bank charter changes all these numbers to the positive if they get approved as it will massively help margins. Took a swing here, we'll see how it goes.
  18. Sold 25% of my CCIV bought at 13. With my principal out, I'll hang onto the rest and see where it goes.
  19. The market makers controlled PLTR damn well today. Over 300k shares traded and kept it pegged at 25. Bravo. A ton of buyers for all those sells.
  20. I'm adding PLTR also, but I believe Friday is a lock up expiration so will wait until then cuz I'm greedy. I have no idea if that will impact the sp, but seems like there might be some selling pressure. Dunno.
  21. FWIW, I had my yearly physical with my doctor the other day and he was very optimistic about the path forward and the science of the vaccines. He said he expects the J&J vax to be approved by the end of this month and for me to expect to be vaccinated by the end of March. He said the J&J vax will probably be the one I get, as with most of the young(ish), healthier population. I would prefer the PFE one, but whatever. His belief is that the vaccines, including the J&J, will prevent almost all the serious illness and the trajectory of Covid is something akin to the common cold. Cases won't go away, but he believes the severity of illness will be greatly diminished. I've been holed up for a year and will wait to be vaccinated, but after that I will just live my life. If they don't prove effective I'll probably start licking door knobs and just be done with this one way or another. Life is too short and will just take my chances.
  22. I'm still not sure I understand the variants. Fauci says that uncontrolled community spread creates the variants. If that is the case, the variants probably originated in the US based on our global domination of cases and deaths from this thing. South Africa cases have just plummeted since the South African variant hysteria started, with deaths following down. UK cases are also trending down seemingly faster than other European countries. Perhaps the UK and South African variants are misnomers, kind of like the Spanish Flu? If they truly did originate in the UK and South Africa, their progression doesn't look any worse than any other place in the globe, and seem to be receding faster than other places. Don't really get it.
  23. I get that, but they should be lobbying the hell out of other Republicans to vote to convict. The field has to be cleared at some point, and this is their best shot IMO. Being the Trump wannabe with Trump in the race seems like a dumb plan. Although I do look forward to a groveling Ted Cruz eating #$%& sandwiches served up by Trump and thanking him.
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