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  1. Capitals are already in mid-season head-shotting form after one pre-season game. That's efficiency.
  2. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/florida/os-ne-gabby-petito-case-brian-laundrie-parents-left-in-camper-after-his-return-20210923-akk63vp66rffveqqfz4xu3oglu-story.html
  3. Have to assume his parents are going to be subpeonaed for a grand jury soon, with the report coming out that the neighbor saw them drive away with him with a small camper after helping to load it up, about a week after he returned alone with the van. Something tells me they haven't been exactly honest so far, and the reserve thing was a lie to throw LE off his trail.
  4. Same kicker missed a 31-yarder the week before. FGs are nowhere near automatic.
  5. Not saying he wasn't there, but unfortunately thin bald guys with beards are not a rare thing (look at me, I am one), so there are going to be multiple false sighting reports, I fear.
  6. Feeling a bit better about sitting at approx. 169, with only GB Def to go tonight.
  7. Hopefully they find him alive and have a live national broadcast where they lock him in a cage with a gator or two.
  8. Hopefully this scumbag coward hasn't killed himself in the FL nature reserve they are searching for him in, so Gabby and her family can have some justice. But I have a feeling he has.
  9. I don't think there is a Reapers storyline in the comic. They added it to the show, but its basically the Saviors storyline all over again. I'm assuming they added it solely to fill out the 24 episode final season, because its not very good and totally unnecessary other than to sell ad time on AMC.
  10. The show is just blatantly copying its own story/plot points to try and drag out a 24-episode final season. - unhinged leader burns underling to death by throwing them headfirst into a fire, already did that with Negan. - Daryl captured by a group of mean zealots and is held in a cell, surprised they didn't bring back the 'Easy Street' song too. Should have just moved right into the Commonwealth storyline and euthanized this series as quuckly and mercifully as possible. Instead they are just throwing in unoriginal filler to drag it out. Since my momma taught me to keep my mouth shut if I didn't have anything nice to say, I will say some of the cinematography and the way the series is being shot this season is actually pretty good. The plot is terrible though.
  11. 100% yes to this. The weekly content page should be readily apparent/easily findable, even to a moron like me.
  12. On to week 2 with a 160.70 score. Have a feeling I won't be saying that next week.
  13. My sister and her husband were adamant about COVID being a "flu", and weren't going to get vaccinated. They both got COVID, and my sister shared with me last week that during her last doctor's appointment, they took an xray, and she now has scarring in her lungs that wasn't there before COVID. She wishes they had gotten the vaccine when it was first available now.
  14. Yeah, was that reflected in the implied absurdity of the current BAL RB situation.
  15. Yeah, looked like Zeke would have waltzed into the end zone if Jarwin had made that block. He's going to need to pick it up in that area to have a chance at increased fantasy relevance.
  16. Oof. Dude in my league bid $60 of his $100 on him in our blind bid waiver run that processed today at noon. Now I'm kind of mad I got sniped on Williams by $2.
  17. Going to let the rest of my league battle it out by spending 40-50% of their season allotment of blind bid money on Edwards this week, and threw a $5 what-the-heck bid in on Williams.
  18. Bold prediction: Brady's COVID-scarred lungs have him out of the game by mid-2nd quarter. 'Boys shock the world with a 24-20 win.
  19. Really gave a new meaning to the old "One for the Thumb" slogan.
  20. Commished for 20 seasons, and asked my dynasty league for a volunteer to take over to keep the league going, as I wanted to step away from FF. They did, and the league has kept rolling, this is the 25th season. Last summer they had an opening and on a whim asked if I had any interest in coming back. The idea of trying to rebuild a 2nd to last place team intrigued me, so I said yes, but as a team owner only. Don't think I'd go back to commishing again, unless it was the only way to keep the league going.
  21. Every team that loses each week, their owner loses a finger. League petered out in the middle of the second season for some reason, and towards the end we needed to hire somebody to hold the knife. Other than that it was fun.
  22. I'm really hoping the Matthew Stafford/Sean McVay marriage delivers big time.
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