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  1. Thanks Hulk. Do you have any experience with Page Plus? I am seeing some pretty bad reviews online. What about Selectel?
  2. Can you break out your usage by phone? Would make this a little easier and it might make sense to put you on seperate individual plans. Together, the cheapest options for you guys are on Sprint. If you want Verizon's network w/ roaming, Ready Mobile covers you guys for $85. Thats high though, I think we can do better seperately. Selectel Wireless might work out for you. They do not have roaming at the moment, but word is that they're adding it come September 1st. No idea if it will be free roaming or roaming for a charge. They're using Verizon as well. They've also announced that they'll be ad
  3. Hi Hulk, I could really use some help if you don't mind. Here is my situation: Me: Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon plan, with 1 year left. I am willing to pay ETF to move on. I would like to use my S4 with new service. Am I correct that s4 is "unlocked" and I can use anywhere? I have option in my setup to choose GSM, CDMA, or global networks. Wife: iPhone 4 that she recently trashed. She is eligible for renewal next month. She would like to stay with iPhone (i think she is crazy there). Wife is a big texter. Combined we probably need 200 - 300 voice minutes, 1,000 or more text messages
  4. Well it wasn't enacted to specifically give the people the authority to overturn the government whenever they wanted as tdoss makes it sound. And the "free state" doesn't mean each individual state free from the federal government as he makes it seem either.There is no legal right of rebellion in the Constitution. But many of the founders did believe that rebellion against a tyrannical government, while illegal to that government, could be justified in other ways - that's no shock. Sometimes I wonder if 2nd Amendment debates would be much easier if Madison was allowed to keep the original w
  5. Stupid games by stupid people.Call the listing agent and tell him/her that you want to present an offer, but want to be present when the offer is presented.Depending on your level of comfort and/or relationship, bring your buyer agent. If this agent is trying to screw you, play hardball. You need to be protected in any case, so bring the agent to the meeting.Tell them this is the offer you have 24-48 hours (pick one) to decide. They may sign right there.Tell them you're busy and this isn't the only property you're considering (you could be considering the Eiffel Tower, who cares), so you ne
  6. I really would appreciate any advice on the following situation: I am trying to purchase a 72 acre parcel of land with no buildings and all mineral and natural gas rights. Several weeks ago, I made a written offer of $115,000 (I used a buyers agent). The asking price is $129,900. The owner countered at $125k and I countered at 120k, thinking he would probably meet in the middle. He replied that he was interested in accepting, that he would sleep on it and let us know in the morning. The following morning the listing agent calls my (buyers) agent and informs her that they have received a f
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