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  1. I'm sure a lot higher. Seems that when you get to 4th round and beyond the bottom drops out of success.
  2. I'm thinking 4th round. One thing of note, I believe I read somewhere that only 4 RBs in the last 17 drafted in the 4th round or later have done anything in the NFL worth talking about. Looks like NFL draft capital matters.
  3. Seastrunk was more made up by the fantasy community, not the NFL. He was drafted in the 6th round of the NFL draft, so he had no draft capital. I expect Hubbard to go much earlier than that.
  4. I don't think I've seen a prospect's value drop this much and hasn't been drafted yet. If he was in last year's NFL draft I could see dynasty owners tripping over themselves to draft him.
  5. Gainwell is explosive, I like him. Great vision too.
  6. They can have him for that kind of money. Hasn't he been injury prone?
  7. Time is probably running out. He might be a good fit in NE. They love their pass catching RBs.
  8. Texans released RB Duke Johnson. The move saves the Texans around $5 million in cap space for 2021. Johnson played in 27 games for Houston and rushed for 645 yards and three rushing scores. An excellent pass catcher, Johnson reeled in 72 balls for 659 receiving yards and four receiving touchdowns during his two seasons with the Texans. Johnson was relegated to a situational back in the Houston offense, seeing double digit carries just three times in two years. He averaged a mere 3.59 targets per contest in 27 games with the Texans, much to the frustration of Duke Johnson truthers everywh
  9. I hope Bateman doesn't end up in NE. That is a death sentence unless they get a decent QB.
  10. How is that? So, you like that number? I rank it up there with #8 and in general is a bad luck number. I guess Steve Young and Phil Simms would argue however. I think the NFL should make WRs wear numbers in the 80s like the good ole' days and undo all retired numbers.
  11. Wondering if Wentz will offer him 50 to 100K for the jersey, or if no amount of money will get it. I find that funny seeing both of their reaction. Or no reaction, which takes the amusement away.
  12. Actually this thread was created more of amusement on my part.
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