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  1. Darrel Williams is about as good of a waiver add as any all year.
  2. JuJu Smith-Schuster: Per Gerry Dulac, the Steelers fear the WR JuJu Smith-Schuster tore a shoulder muscle and is expected to miss the rest of the season with the injury. Analysis: Early in the second quarter, the Steelers WR suffered a shoulder injury that knocked him out of the game. He quickly got ruled out of the game and went to the locker room in pain. Upon MRI's the Steelers fear Smith-Schuster tore a muscle in his shoulder that will cost him the rest of the 2021 season. Chase Claypool and Ray-Ray McLoud will take the biggest steps forward in the offense.
  3. I could be wrong but I wouldn't waste my time with Gordon.
  4. I think that is expensive for Toney and Mattison. Give me the 1st.
  5. Was going to start him over Goedert but I didn't realize the game started so early. Oh well, go Goedert.
  6. The highly touted Sophomore WR from LSU was carted off the field last night during a loss to Kentucky. I hope it wasn't his Achilles, but it did look bad. https://theathletic.com/news/lsus-kayshon-boutte-leaves-on-cart-after-apparent-injury-against-kentucky/58XsSOTtGD54 Faust: Post an update when you have it.
  7. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  8. What does the video show as LOS, or does it?
  9. Wasn't the LOS the 20? He was over.
  10. When he kicked the ball he was past the line of scrimmage. How did they miss that?
  11. In dynasty leagues now is a good time to add Williams to another piece and trade to upgrade your team long term, not sell him for a cheap future draft pick.
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