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  1. You couldn’t be more wrong about Waddle. I’m 100% certain of that. Pecking order at Alabama doesn’t mean squat. Waddle is a lot more than Ruggs. Waddle actually can run routes and has speed and will be a yard after catch monster.
  2. Thanks for posting, I don’t see Rondale Moore or Toney over E Moore or Marshall or A Rodgers over Marshall, or Sermon over Waddle
  3. ......or Arcega-Whiteside and Anthony Miller hasn’t really broke out.
  4. Problems getting off the line isn’t always attached to smaller WRs. If they are shifty and quick enough and / or the team moves them around, they could have no problem getting a release off the line. A good example is Tyreek Hill, or DeVonta Smith in college.
  5. He might be something in a year or two but won’t be of any use in 2021.
  6. As much as I like Carter I didn’t get him in any of my drafts. Only 1 more to go
  7. 6 points for a td is plenty. Bonuses can be added for yardage.
  8. Beats the hell out of making them ridiculously overvalued
  9. Didn't he underperform in college? A lot of that is probably bad qb play. Won't be much for 2021, but yes, beyond that is unknown.
  10. You probably won’t be saying that last sentence this time next year.
  11. That’s even worse for the Keenan side. I didn’t know it was superflex
  12. ...and they don’t seem to be much of WR2 for the NFL yet either
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