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  1. Didn’t an employee of yours used to create a weekly injury thread and lock it back in the day? Why couldn’t it be that way again?
  2. It will be hard to trust him with Brissett at QB.
  3. Yeah, I’ve had to start him due to injuries. I don’t have the luxury to wait on him with the hope he and Winston turn it around.
  4. Point already made earlier by another poster, where this team won’t be able to support fantasy WRs with Winston and IMO surely won’t with a middle tier WR like Callaway. Middle tier is being kind.
  5. Fantasy players making excuses for Callaway. Weird game, coaches, etc.. Now If we want to blame Winston and Callaway I’m onboard.
  6. What will Callaway’s excuse be after next week?
  7. I won’t be the one who starts a duplicate thread. I can’t be responsible for what others do however.
  8. Only if someone else hasn’t already started one, but yes, I’ll start one by game time on Sunday if no thread has been started. I’ll tell you one thing, people would hate a thread with multiple weeks included and lots of pages.
  9. I’ll just start a new one each week then. It’s been that way in years past and preferred by almost EVERONE. Why in the world would you want to change that? If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.
  10. I’m done playing him and may drop him.
  11. Need a new thread each week because it’s a hassle wading through previous Weeks injuries.
  12. Wentz is a wus. If he can stand and walk, he should have played. Talk about letting your team down.
  13. Should have new thread for injuries each week
  14. Usually with 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 trades you have a guy that's trying to dump guys he will never start (not always) in hopes of getting a stud. That's usually a bad approach and doesn't work with savvy players. It only pisses them off. However, It's a little trickier in dynasty or devy leagues because of prospects and draft picks.
  15. I think Kylen Granson is a better stash.
  16. My approach is to first look at his roster to determine possible need and the second thing is to make my best offer with my initial offer, or something close to it. I know there are those that scoff at that and some even like to lowball with the first offer, but over the years I find that avoiding the haggling and possible shut down early, it is best to make your best offer first. I also find this makes future trades easier. Now I'm not above never making a bad offer, but it is rare and usually it is a result of not being accurate with the assessment the other guy has on a player.
  17. Perhaps, but I don't think it is happening this week for sure. Maybe he will surprise all of us.
  18. Pittman cleared to play. I have a feeling this is going to be an ugly day for Colts fans.
  19. Perhaps, but he is one of those fantasy QBs one hates to have in a 12 team (or fewer) start 1qb league because you most likely will never play him.. Maybe that will change later.
  20. Wow, that is ridiculous. I wonder how he's going to feel about that later in the year?
  21. Great game from Jones. He's still like having to eat broccoli.
  22. Starting Harris and Henderson over Barkley in one league and starting Barkley in another.
  23. All I had to replace him with is Lat. Murray. No thanks, I'll just play Barkley.
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