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  1. They didn’t have the energy of week 1 but it kept me tuned in until the end
  2. I think this game highlighted the inexperience of Hurts and the WRs. Coverage was tight, windows were small. Losing Brooks was a major blow because Dickerson missed numerous blocks as his replacement. Losing one OL shouldn’t have that type of impact but against a deep and talented DL it clearly was a factor
  3. Kind of surprised he didn’t score on the play. He had a step on both the S and CB.
  4. Hero ball injury again. The guy will never learn
  5. This would be an all time epic publicity stunt
  6. Sense that he’s going to off himself.
  7. Brian Entin has 48hrs+ to prepare for his moment of Twitter fame while camped out eating Taco Bell and we get as much lawn footage as anything else. Smh
  8. 60mph average. Maybe you comprehend like his grandma?
  9. 60mph average gives him approximately 42 hours of drive time and 6 hours of sleep in a 48 hour window.
  10. If she was as OCD as she claimed while hitting him for having dirty feet in her van, I’d be surprised if she could handle the lower case N to start that text
  11. There has to be a record of his purchase history prior to leaving Utah, including fuel. They should be able to at least piece together some details without his help
  12. Possible scenario: They argue, in her mania she gets out and walks off into the dark. Next morning she’s no where to be found. In light of the previous domestic incident he decides it’s best to just go home because he’s pretty certain no one will believe him.
  13. Buster possibly had something to do with the Stephen Smith death that preceded all of this. Investigation was reopened into that as well.
  14. Speaking about the OL, how incredible is Kelce, at his age to be running down field making multiple blocks at the second and third levels?!
  15. Thanks for sharing. I left reading that thinking he just gets it/everything about being a professional athlete. Stoutland and Mailata’s talent and mindset seem like a perfect match
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