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  1. Came here to complain about Italy, glad to see it's already been covered. Really bummed to see them go through. My least favorite team in the tournament by far. I hope they lose in the most heartbreaking way possible so they actually have something to cry about.
  2. Yeah I almost left the N out of the acronym but I was worried the auto-mod might ban me.
  3. All of the FAANG stocks ripped today.
  4. Whoops I just looked and it was $21 per share not $87. I must be remembering one of those other weed stocks that was $87.
  5. Yeah I admittedly haven't been paying super close attention to it but in this case they sent out an email ahead of time with a live stream link where they were going to announce the recommendation for everyone to all kind of be gathered up to see the reveal at the same time, which I can't remember them doing before since I signed up. Also all the trading chat rooms had it queued up in their announcements with everyone trading around it which I don't really remember seeing very often before in those chats. ETA: seems like from @Desert_Power's post maybe they do these live streams regularly now and I just haven't noticed.
  6. Like I think most around here I got in on that Motley Fool Stock Advisor deal when it was on sale. They put out a big recommendation on Paycom (PAYC) today. I happened to be checking my email right when the recommendation video went live so made a quick $10/share scalp on the announcement but sold it all around there. As far as longer term goes this is the first big rec they've put out since I signed up. For those that have had the service longer how do these things usually do in the weeks/months following a fool recommendation like this?
  7. I still have a few shares of CWBHF in one of my backend accounts I never check with a cost basis of $87 or something 😮
  8. There is no doubt in my mind this is largely a marketing thing. Maybe he will actually make the roster (long-shot) and they'll roll him out there for a few gadget plays this year but even that I would think would be likely mostly a marketing ploy. I doubt Meyer truly believes Tebow is going to help him win games. But to that I say so what. The NFL is a business and marketability is a skill that does matter. It would be one thing if the nepotism claims were backed by actual nepotism, and Tebow's marketability were a result of him simply having a famous father or something. But Tebow's marketability is something he created himself, so this idea that he's just getting a free pass to an NFL roster is silly to me. He worked his butt off for 20 years to create chances like these. It's entirely self earned even if it's a result of something other than pure football ability. Personally I don't have a problem with it. There are plenty of TEs that get a shot on the practice squad simply because they were born 6'6" with great genes, even if they've never played a down of football before. How is that any less of a free pass than Tebow getting a hail marry shot to make the team based off of 20 years of unrelenting hard work? Why is no one upset over the roster spot that young players missed out on when the Jags gave a similar tryout spot to Jevon Kearse's cousin (Lance Kearse) who was a Spanish basketball player that had last played football at the age of 14?
  9. Thanks for posting this. I have mine through HealthEquity as well and am going to do this. YOLO my retirement health funds into meme stonks? Yes please.
  10. To be fair it finished the day up 6% which is a pretty large move for a 3/4 trillion dollar company.
  11. Maybe I'm remembering wrong but didn't TSLA run from like $500 to $880 when it joined the S&P? If I recall it went from $615 to $695 in literally the last 1 minute of trading on the day it joined the S&P. A lot of people speculating that one of the big brokers (top rumor was Vanguard) didn't get enough ahead of time to cover all their clients so they had to put in some massive $30 million buy order at the closing bell way above the current asking price to make sure they got filled. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/tesla-stock-rallies-to-record-ahead-of-inclusion-in-s-p-500-11608327352?mod=article_inline
  12. I think it will be $4000 by the end of the year but I don't plan on selling it for decades so I'm not going to sweat the moves along the way. I day trade like mad but AMZN is in my boring boomer long term account and I'm not touching it. If someone were to trade it though $3500 seems like one heck of a strong resistance point. As some guy on twitter once said, "sell into key levels, you can always buy it back if it breaks through".
  13. If you're not planning to hold AMZN long-term then ~3500 seems like a heck of a good place to sell.
  14. Man that video is hard to watch when thinking about the fact that there are people inside. So sad.
  15. I had a small buy of SE around $70 and a large buy at $105 so a great average there. It's one of the few big runners that I actually managed to hold (usually I pike out on the big runners early, and and HODL the stuff that falls all the way back down). It's almost 12% of my porftolio which I remain comfortable with despite the risk. I was SO tempted to buy more when it dropped back to $200 a few weeks ago but I was scared about being over leveraged in it already.
  16. Boy you should hear the wild stories the entire rest of the country hears about Florida every other day.
  17. I grew up in north central Florida so my childhood experience at Disney was similar to MoP's. Topping off with a trip to the ER for a buddy who got alcohol poisoning after smuggling two bottles of vodka into Disney for grad night (grad night in Florida was where the school took graduating high school seniors in the area to Disney on the night of graduation so they wouldn't go out and get into trouble with booze/drugs). Now I live in Utah with a family of four and we are an outdoorsy crew. Heading to Tahoe next month which for us is practically a "big city" vacation because we're usually much more remote. We own a couple of cabins in Kanab, UT that we use as a base a lot but often are away from them camping in the desert far down some 4x4 "road" or long hike into the middle of nowhere. But that's where my similarities to MoP end. Because even as someone that was beaten over the head with Disney as a kid and now hates crowds and prefers to be out under the stars with a fire (not this year) and silence I FREAKING LOVE DISNEY. We have a 4 and a 6 year old and have done 3 Disney trips with them. And they were all every bit the magical experience the stupid ads promise. Now granted I got my #### together like most FBGs and had these trips optimized to a T, but our kids had a ball and we were non-stop smiles watching their non-stop smiles in spite of all the little annoying things all over the place. The last trip in particular was mega magic. Our eldest (who was 5 at the time) had gotten super into Star Wars so we did Hollywood Studios and the whole Star Wars thing. Woke our asses up at 5am so we could get to the park at rope drop and I could hustle over to the Jedi Training academy sign-up and sign him up as a padawan. He goes up on stage for the training session with a giant smile on his face the whole time. Then the Imperial March plays and out comes Darth Vader and the Jedi Master says we're gonna have to fight this dude, and asks "who is brave enough to face Darth Vader first?". Then my shy little cautious kid who is afraid of everything steps in front of everyone and throws his hand up into the air and says "I WILL". Like a freaking movie. We have a vacation rental in remote Kanab, but we just bought another one in Orlando. We're heading there this weekend to meet with some contractors because we are tricking the thing out with several Disney rooms. A Star Wars room where the beds are x-wings and tie fighters and the wings are slides. A princess room where the girls can sleep in a carriage bed. Granted this is mostly as an investment property, but you can bet your ### we are going to enjoy it too. We're going to take a day off from working on the place while we're there and hit up Animal Kingdom, which we've never been too. My wife, who climbs mountains in her free time on the weekends, has been dying to go there for years. As to the rest of it all, whatever, Marvel movies are a ton of fun to watch. I'm not sure what the complaint is there. The other stuff seems so minor you'd have to be really looking to get pissed off over something political to care about it. Oh my goodness a child is wearing a mask at a baseball game that is being aired on ESPN which is owned by Disney, why is Mickey trying to oppress me?!?
  18. Ditched the last of my TRCH. I'm sure it will be one of those stonks that bounces back from the dead to new ATH's any minute now.
  19. Via official NFL scoring a TD does not count as a first down so I would imagine it works the same way in fantasy.
  20. In every league a 1" play can be worth 6 points...
  21. This would be Dobbins for me even without the contracts. Adding the contract issues it seems like a slam dunk.
  22. This is an interesting point that I think some people possibly misunderstand. My wife is a physician that worked the front lines of Covid and my sister in law is a biochemist that works for Pfizer. They both independently made the same point about this when I talked to them. Time is only somewhat relevant here. They both have said that these Covid vaccines are the most heavily tested and scrutinized vaccines in world history. They feel MORE confident about them than any standard vaccine, because while the testing was done in a compressed period of time, there has never been such dedicated all hands on deck everyone drop what you're doing and work on this type testing, and nothing has ever been as heavily scrutinized for every little potential side effect before. The J&J vaccine getting pulled is a perfect example of this. There were like 6 anecdotal side effect reports of the vaccine across the country and the entire thing was pulled from the market immediately. Every other vaccine available has more than 6 anecdotal side effect reports every day and no one really blinks. They're being extra careful with these, not less careful as seems to be generally implied. These may be the fastest approved vaccines in history, but they are not the least tested and certainly not the least scrutinized. It's not like the other vaccines we take were tested for 50 years first anyway so anything could just as likely have "long term side effects" when it was first released. Just FWIW, because I know the timeline thing scares a lot of people, but I think it is misrepresented a bit in what it actually means. He's not really being forced to take it. This is a private company making a business decision that he is welcome to walk away from (he even says in the rant that he doesn't need the money and he only plays for fun anymore. It's not like he's living paycheck to paycheck and is dependent on this money), AND it's not even like the NFL is saying that he can't play if he doesn't get it. He just has to continue social distancing and getting tested and doing all the Covid protocols from last season if he doesn't have it, but he can still play.
  23. Bizarre. The guy has had multiple surgeries to get him back on the football field when his beliefs would tell him it was "God's will" for him not to be there. He shot up all kinds of meds in last year's playoffs to deal with an injury that his body hadn't "naturally gotten better" in time.
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