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  1. Yes 1.05 was OTC when the trade was made. Chase, Harris, Pitts, ETN were off the board.
  2. I got no shares of Pitts other than some of my backend $77 leagues and that makes me sad.
  3. FFPC Gave: 1.07, 3.07, Gabe Davis Got: 1.05 OTC (Javonte Williams)
  4. FWIW, he was 9th in the NFL in red zone targets that year with 22 of them, but converted only 5 to TDs. The only other player who got even close to that number of RZ targets but had fewer than 7 TDs was Jarvis Landry. ARob, for instance, had 12 TDs on 21 targets that year. The other years he had a paultry number of redzone targets. It's just interesting that 2015 came up since that was the one year where he actually had a lot of RZ targets, he just didn't do much with them.
  5. Like this one? Sorry, low blow to Falcons fans.
  6. True enough. I think some people just hate making decisions when they have a group of guys rated very similarly. I've seen more than a few trades where I was pretty sure the guy moving back was just taking anything he could get so someone else would make the decision for him, lol.
  7. I would take ETN and I think that's where the value is in a vacuum, but also fair to note that SafeLeagues are large lineups (10 players w/ no kicker/defense) and large rosters (so very little talent on the WW to fill out those large lineups), so there is something to be said for compiling a group of decent starters in that format.
  8. Only thing I can think of is that the guy with 1.01 was happy with any of the big 3 (Chase/Harris/Pitts) and the 1.04 guy said he was going to take ETN in the trade offer. Still seems like even in that case he could have gotten more than 2.09 to drop back to 1.02 or 1.03, but maybe he had already tried.
  9. Wow Chase still on the board at 1.09 in one of my SF BB's. I guess that's just the nature of that format right now there are so many solid WRs teams can load up on and with a best ball lineup you don't have to pick the right one each week.
  10. FFPC: Gave: Carson, 1.11, 2.08, 2.11 Got: 1.03 OTC (Harris)
  11. At first glance I agree, but then when I think about it I almost think the opposite. If anything it's ridiculous that RBs are so ridiculously overvalued in 1qb leagues. I love RBs having lots of value but I'm pretty sure that is solely because traditionally in FF that is what I'm used to. If I were just wandering into FF right now having never played it before and saw how RBs are ridiculously overvalued in 1qb leagues I would probably think to myself "this is really really stupid that such an unimportant NFL position is the thing this entire game is built upon.". If I were wandering into FF right now and started with SF I would probably think "man QBs are so important in this, but I guess that makes sense because they're so important in the real NFL too". Obviously FF's sole purpose isn't to mimmick the NFL, but I think the only reason so many of us accept RB value is simply because we're used to it. Objectively QBs being super valuable in FF makes a LOT more sense than RBs being super valuable.
  12. I'm west coast so I'm probably going to be the guy holding up all my drafts where I have an early pick. Seems the most active time for drafts is first thing in the morning and I sleep through it.
  13. The freelance and no work from home makes it tough. Even pre-covid my job would let us work from home when we had a cold. Nowadays it seems like a no brainer since everyone is set up for it now. Not sure what the heck the company is thinking there. How many sick days do they get? Like I said above I could always work from home. I totally agree with wanting people who can't WFH to stay home when sick but always wondered how that actually works logistically since it's not like a cold is a 1 day thing. When I get a cold I have symptoms for a week, easily, sometimes more. And I might get 3-4 of them over the course of cold season. It seems like there would pretty much always be several people out of the office from Oct-Mar every week with that policy if they're really staying home until they're better and not just for a day.
  14. Superflex I would take 1.06 over Keenan pretty easily. Non-SF I would want 1.05 to guarantee I could get one of the top 3 RBs, Chase, or Pitts. I would take Keenan over Smith/Waddle I think.
  15. It's kind of tricky because non-ppr downgrades not only the value of JJ but the 1sts also. Early 1sts are still worth a lot in non-ppr but mid/late 1sts much less than PPR leagues in my experience. Once you get past the main RBs the pick values drop off steeply. So really depends where those picks are projected I guess is what I'm saying. If they're not early, I'm not interested.
  16. The worrisome thing here is a lot of these fun speculative plays have broken really major support this week. As much as we've all gotten kind of comfortable with a bunch of them repeatedly bouncing off their floor they have finally crashed through that floor and I think the downside from here is underestimated. My worry would be that some of these names can unwind all the way to or near pre-covid levels, which is still a long ways down from where we'd gotten comfortable with them sitting. TDOC and FSLY are two I've got my eye on along with others. I'm getting really nervous holding stuff like CRSP, NNOX, FLGT, etc too.
  17. I've likewise seen so many guys like Sanders/DJM puddle around for a few years before dropping into nothingness. Not that there are any guarantees but Sanders is one of my top bust picks this year as a guy like Fournette/Conner/Mixon/Kerryon/Mack/Ajayi that does juuuuust enough to string people along for a few years and make people think they have a safe floor before the bottom drops out.
  18. Yeah myabe "fell off a cliff" was too strong but he had some really bad years right away. In Rodgers rookie year Favre threw for 3800 yards with 20 TDs and 29 INTs and GB was 4-12. The next year Favre again threw for 3800 yards with a 56% completion pct and 18 TDs/18 INTs. He did bounce back somewhat after that but the Rodgers pick was looking like a good pick pretty quickly.
  19. I hadn't thought of that. My first thought would be they'll treat it like they release anything else where once it airs it is available as a part of the permanent catalog to watch at any time. But I guess TV contracts are weird so maybe that could screw that up.
  20. I think it's as simple as they looked back and thought "hey this worked before when we got Rodgers, let's try it again!" But it was completely different with Rodgers. Rodgers was a top 3 overall prospect that year than had a 50/50 shot of going #1 overall. When he fell and they had a chance to draft that kind of prospect to a roster with a current 37 year old QB they had to take it. There was no such scenario with Love, who was no better than fair market value at that point and one could argue they even reached on a little. Also fwiw, 37 for a QB was different then than it is now when guys are playing at a high level for longer. We kind of saw this as Favre pretty quickly fell off a cliff and GB was 4-12 during Rodgers' rookie year.
  21. Hopefully not just the start of things like it was last time we had a day like this. I need to pull a bunch of cash out near the end of this month so the timing could not be worse for that.
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