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0.5 ppr//12 Team//Superflex//ESPN//$20 - Relegation & Promotion (1 Viewer)


Draft Day - September 2 at 3pm US EST

This league is part of a larger group of leagues. There are 4 leagues in total in three different levels. Each year the top teams move up and the bottom teams move down. This league is the bottom league. It is $20 per year and I ask for 2 years of payments. Because the payouts are lower in the bottom league, the first year will be free and you will only owe $20 for the second year. We can do this because if a player leaves and doesn't find a replacement, their next year's fee is used to discount new players joining the bottom league. 8 out of the 12 players in the bottom league will move up next year.

Here are the full rules and directions on how to sign up.


We also have a website.




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