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12 team ppr dynasty, $56 payable via LeagueSafe


Orphan team looking for an owner: Team has the 1.08 draft pick (all rounds)

Smith, Geno SEA QB56.28-Trade

Wilson, Russell DEN QB249.82-Trade

Drake, Kenyan LVR RB (Q)102.50-Trade

Ekeler, Austin LAC RB346.80-Trade

Foreman, D'Onta CAR RB94.90-Trade

Freeman, Royce HOU RB34.60-Trade

Hilliard, Dontrell TEN RB73.70-Trade

Howard, Jordan PHI RB62.50-Trade

Johnson, D'Ernest CLE RB104.10-Trade

Murray, Latavius BAL RB103.60-Trade

Allen, Keenan LAC WR257.80-Trade

Cephus, Quintez DET WR (Q)49.40-Trade

Crowder, Jamison BUF WR110.70-Trade

Evans, Mike TBB WR262.50-Trade

Green, A.J. ARI WR156.80-Trade

Higgins, Tee CIN WR (Q)220.10-Trade

Lazard, Allen GBP WR142.50-Trade

Mims, Denzel NYJ WR21.30-Trade

Peoples-Jones, Donovan CLE WR110.70-Trade

Reagor, Jalen PHI WR78.10-Trade

Thomas, Michael NOS WR (Q)‐ -Trade

Treadwell, Laquon JAC WR82.40-Trade

Higbee, Tyler LAR TE (Q)147.00-Trade

Hockenson, T.J. DET TE (Q)145.30-Trade

Hooper, Austin TEN TE92.50-Trade

Trautman, Adam NOS TE64.30-Trade

Waller, Darren LVR TE133.50-Trade

Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def130.50-


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