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1 orphan available, 32 Team Dynasty, 1 QB, PPR, TE Prem, IDP, Pick 1.02, 2024 season is FREE (1 Viewer)


The Ultimate Dynasty has 1 orphan available for the 2024 season. This is a 32-team dynasty league with separate player pools for each conference. We are in our 10th year, which is Year 5 in our 5th year Super Pot cycle. Our 2024 champion will take home $3000! Grab the open team now and start shaping the roster to make a run at the title. We have a great core of owners and we're looking for a new owner that is active with trades and general league activities. We use MyFantasyLeague, LeagueSafe and GroupMe. We start 7 offense and 5 IDP. We have a 6 round rookie draft. We have 10-man Taxi Squads and more.

Reply here, or email me at jhofius@gmail.com
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This team is open once again, and now the 2024 season is FREE to a new owner. You will owe $105 for the 2025 season.

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