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(1 spot left) 8-year-old Dynasty League looking for 3 replacements. (ESPN) (50% payment of 1st year is covered) (1 Viewer)


8-year-old Dynasty League looking for 3 replacements.

High level information
- $200 yearly buy in, 50% of the first year (2023) is already covered by the previous owners.
- Expected to pay remaining $100 for 2023 and 50% deposit for 2024.
- 12 team league hosted on ESPN
- Using LeagueSafe for payouts, $1105 to champ, $375 to runner up, $325 to points leader (reg season), $35 to the highest point scorer each week (17)
- Starters (10 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2Flex, 1 D/ST, 1 IDP Flex) Bench ( 8 ), IR (2)
- Each Franchise can keep up to 12 players for the next season by marking them “Under Contract.”
- A player may only be placed under contract during the off-season. All player contracts are for 4 consecutive seasons. Contract never resets unless the player is released to free agency. A traded player carries his existing contract. If you acquire a player in the final year of his contract you may opt to extend them for 1 additional season. *No player is allowed to be under contract for more than 5 consecutive seasons. This is to prevent a player from being continuously traded forever and never making it back to the draft pool*
- Waivers are done via FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) with ESPN default settings.
- Please read the full copy of our league constitution for all the details.
- We use a Facebook group for league communications and discussions.
- Spots will be first come first server based on payment.

Dispersal Draft Information:
- The 3 new members will participate in a dispersal draft which consists of filling out 12 roster spots from the list of players below. After dispersal draft the 3 new teams will participate in the rookie/full draft with the rest of the league to fill out the rest of their roster.
- Draft order for dispersal draft will be randomized prior to draft
- Draft order for rookie/full draft is already determined. The 3 draft spots for these teams are 4th, 5th, and 12th. These 3 positions will be randomized for the new teams.

Available Players for Dispersal Draft
Adam Thielen: No Current Contract
Amari Cooper: No Current Contract
Christian McCaffrey: No Current Contract
Davante Adams: No Current Contract
David Bell: No Current Contract
Derwin James Jr.: No Current Contract
Dolphins D/ST: No Current Contract
Falcons D/ST: No Current Contract
Foyesade Oluokun: No Current Contract
Gerald Everett: No Current Contract
Isaiah Hodgins: No Current Contract
Jared Goff: No Current Contract
Julio Jones: No Current Contract
Kareem Hunt: No Current Contract
Keenan Allen: No Current Contract
Kenyan Drake: No Current Contract
Khalil Herbert: No Current Contract
Latavius Murray: No Current Contract
Mike Evans: No Current Contract
Myles Garrett: No Current Contract
Noah Brown: No Current Contract
Robbie Chosen: No Current Contract
Romeo Doubs: No Current Contract
Roquan Smith: No Current Contract
Russell Wilson: No Current Contract
Taysom Hill: No Current Contract
Tua Tagovailoa: No Current Contract
Tyreek Hill: No Current Contract
Zay Jones: No Current Contract
Zonovan Knight: No Current Contract
Saquon Barkley: Final Season, NOT Trade/Extension Eligible
Tyler Boyd: Final Season, NOT Trade/Extension Eligible
David Montgomery: Final Season + Trade/Extension Eligible
Devin Singletary: Final Season + Trade/Extension Eligible
Marvin Jones Jr.: Final Season + Trade/Extension Eligible
Michael Gallup: Final Season + Trade/Extension Eligible
Mike Gesicki: Final Season + Trade/Extension Eligible
Raheem Mostert: Final Season + Trade/Extension Eligible
Christian Kirk: 3 more seasons
Cordarrelle Patterson: 3 more seasons
DeVonta Smith: 3 more seasons
Hunter Henry: 3 more seasons
Marquise Brown: 3 more seasons
Michael Carter: 3 more seasons
Najee Harris: 3 more seasons
Tom Brady: 3 more seasons
Zach Ertz: 3 more seasons
Cole Kmet: 2 more seasons
D'Andre Swift: 2 more seasons
J.D. McKissic: 2 more seasons
Jakobi Meyers: 2 more seasons
Jamaal Williams: 2 more seasons
Josh Allen: 2 more seasons
Justin Herbert: 2 more seasons
Melvin Gordon III: 2 more seasons

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