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(1 spot left) Mythical Madness - 36-team - 3 player copy - $125 (1 Viewer)



36 teams divided into 12 team divisions. There will be a ladder climbing element between divisions based on previous year's performance (promotion/relegation league)

Slow email draft for startup with rookie picks included & auction format for our annual rookie drafts (rookie picks get converted into $$ based on the pick)

Rookie auctions will be "April Fool's" auctions, taking place in early April before rookie landing spots are determined.

Rosters 32 spots (+5 IR & 5 taxi)

Deeeeep starting lineups: 13 starters! 1-3 QB / 2-7 RB / 3-8 WR / 2-7 TE

PPR breakdown: 0.5 for RB / 1.25 for WR / 1.75 for TE

Big play bonuses +

Crazy playoff setup with a play on the system that Australian Rules Football uses.

Fantasy regular season schedule consists of playing each team in your division twice, with 8 double-header weeks. Also, each week, a win will be awarded for each team that finishes in top half of weekly scores and a loss for those that finish in the bottom half. So, 36 possible wins in the regular season.

League-wide tourney that will run concurrently with the regular playoffs. Teams will be seeded 1-36 and duke it out down to 1. Smaller contribution/prize pool here, but a little extra fun.

Buy-in $125. Dues/payouts handled through LeagueSafe. Thank you for looking!

MFL scoring settings:

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