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10 team, PPR, auction, keeper, year 1, $100 (1 Viewer)

shady inc

1 spot left to fill (or 3 if enough interest and we go to 12 team league). it is the first year of a keeper/salary cap league. Here are the jist of the rules, but i can email a more detailed excel version to anyone interested. The draft is scheduled for Sunday night August 25th at 7 PM and cap is $200

[SIZE=small]Add/Drop Section: You may add or drop a player any time in weeks 1-16. It will cost you $1 to do this. He will have a salary cap of $5 when you pick up this player if he was undrafted or if he was selected during the draft you will have him at his original salary cap value. Once week 16 games start you will not be able to pick anyone up[/SIZE]

Trades are free

Keepers: You may keep up to 5 players. Players are kept at double their salary each year (doubles each consecutive year you keep them). One player may be franchised each year which means you can keep them at their same salary as the prior year without doubling it. Once that player is franchised a year, he can't be franchised again before re-entering the draft (so you can franchise after year 1, but then keep at double the salary year 2). Any players you dont keep go back into the draft pool

Playoffs: Top 6 teams with a bye for the top 2 teams. Tie breaker will be points for the season


$75 regular season champ

$50 most points

$25 4th place

$50 3rd place

$150 2nd place

$300 winner

$ 40 will be awarded on a weekly basis during the regular season ($ 5 per weekly win (None in Playoffs) & $ 10 for the weekly high score (16 Weeks). Then down to only $10 for high score during the playoffs so everyone who is out is still competing for this

Cash will be paid out at the end of the year. I'll try to send out an updated spreadsheet a few times a year. I'll also keep track of player values, money spend on add/drops, etc. as well so it'll be a smooth transition going into next year.

Everyone has already joined in a league on Yahoo right now consisting of friends from work and people I went to school with back in the day.


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