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$11 FantasyFeud.com salary cap contest for NFL week 2, win $ (1 Viewer)


I am entering a FantasyFeud.com salary cap contest for $11 this week, top prize
is $90 for most points just this week. 0.5 PPR and 4 pts per passing TD. 20
teams maximum will join the contest.

Here is information below, if interested, pay FantasyFeud.com directly and sign
up today!

I am inviting you to play in a private league on Fantasy Feud.

League Id# 414295 (NFL, Salary Cap, $11.00, Weekly)

To join, click the link below and enter the password when prompted.

To do so, click here: http://www.fantasyfeud.com/?applet=join.ashx&lid=414295

Password: sbffcshow

Best of Luck,

The Fantasy Feud Team


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