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12 Man - ESPN 4 years going $75 buy in HARDCORE (2 spots) (1 Viewer)


I have a very unique oppertunity to play in a league that is going on 4 years. This is an EXTREMLY active league, as far as msg boards, trades, voting on things so on so on. So please understand that we are trying to find someone that LOVES this game, that LOVES being social, while talking trash.

This is a 12 man ESPN league and as of now we have 2 openings. One person stoped being so active so we asked him to not come back and another person is in the midst of moving out of the country.

Its a very high scoring league, IDP (3 defensive players), PPR, and bonus points awarded too. This league will pull your hair out but also make you love it.

The buy in is $75 dollars and the payouts are as follows.

1st place wins - $650
2nd place wins - $175
3rd place wins - $75

Draft date has been set already for August 25th 1pm Eastern time.

We are all apart of a forum and have known / played with eachter for years now. This is a league that you would be very very happy with and that you will enjoy as we have for years to come.

Please look me up or email me at suggest@homeboyznetwork.com

I will give you all the details and you can find out if this league is for you.

Look forward to possibly having you aboard, and I hope you are as diehard and passoniate about it as we are!

Sorry if I left anything out.


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