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12 Team 2 QB League on ESPN - $50 via Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


Looking for one more person to join the 12 Team - 2 QB league we have going on ESPN

It is $50 via leaguesafe

Here are the settings:

Draft is Tues. Aug 28th @ 9:30pm ET

Obviously QBs are hard to come by :)    Good fun
We have done this league the last 4 or 5  years and very heavy return year to year, just lost one fella from last year

if you are interested in any other survivors, or fantasy leagues (96 team super leagues or even 12/14 team leagues) etc, see this page

Thanx guys, I'm going to build a waiting list now starting with Khankeo here in case anyone fails to pay or bails.

Actually if time permits and I leave this posting up and I get enough guys, I will just run another league of the exact same settings. We will see.


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