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12 Team Bestball Dynasty Needs 3 Owners - Dispersal (1 Viewer)


This is a Best ball dynasty league entering Year 8.

We have 3 openings in a 12 team ppr league

See next post for dispersal pool

12 teams
30 man rosters
17 week season
$39 entry fee includes future deposit
Typical PPR scoring
5 Rd Rookie Draft
Weekly Waivers

All starting lineups will consist of each of the following:

1 Quarterback
2 Running Back
3 Wide Receiver
1 Tight End
2 Flex (RB, WR, TE)
Dispersal List


Bagent, Tyson CHI
Browning, Jake CIN
Cousins, Kirk ATL
DeVito, Tommy NYG
Fields, Justin PIT
Jones, Mac JAC
Lawrence, Trevor JAC
Levis, Will TEN
Love, Jordan GBP
Minshew, Gardner LVR
Purdy, Brock SFO
Rodgers, Aaron NYJ

Smith, Geno SEA QB
Stafford, Matthew LAR
Stroud, C.J. HOU
Wilson, Zach NYJ

Running Backs

Akers, Cam MIN
Barkley, Saquon PHI
Conner, James ARI
Ekeler, Austin WAS
Elliott, Ezekiel NEP

Ford, Jerome CLE
Harris, Najee PIT
Herbert, Khalil CHI

Hill, Justice BAL
Hunt, Kareem CLE
Jones, Aaron MIN
Montgomery, David DET

Murray, Latavius BUF
Perine, Samaje DEN
Reynolds, Craig DET
Robinson, Brian WAS
Swift, D'Andre CHI
Taylor, Jonathan IND
White, Zamir LVR

Williams, Trayveon CIN
Wilson, Emanuel GBP

Wide Receivers

Addison, Jordan MIN
Allen, Keenan CHI
Aiyuk, Brandon SFO

Berrios, Braxton MIA
Bobo, Jake SEA
Bourne, Kendrick NEP
Collins, Nico HOU
Cooks, Brandin DAL
Dortch, Greg ARI
Dotson, Jahan WAS
Duvernay, Devin JAC
Doubs, Romeo GBP
Gallup, Michael FA
Godwin, Chris TBB
Guyton, Jalen LAC
Hill, Tyreek MIA
Hodgins, Isaiah NYG
Irwin, Trenton CIN
Jennings, Jauan SFO
Johnson, Diontae CAR
Johnston, Quentin LAC

Jones, Zay JAC
Meyers, Jakobi LVR
Mims, Marvin DEN

Mooney, Darnell ATL
Moore, Rondale ATL
Osborn, K.J. NEP
Patrick, Tim DEN
Powell, Brandon MIN
Reed, Jayden GBP
Rice, Rashee KCC

Shenault, Laviska CAR
Shorter, Justin BUF
Toure, Samori GBP
Waddle, Jaylen MIA
Watson, Christian GBP

Watson, Justin KCC
Wilson, Garrett NYJ
Wilson, Michael ARI
Woods, Robert HOU

Tight Ends

Conklin, Tyler NYJ
Gesicki, Mike CIN
Heyward, Connor PIT
Higbee, Tyler LAR
Hurst, Hayden LAC
Kraft, Tucker GBP
Musgrave, Luke GBP
Parkinson, Colby LAR
Schultz, Dalton HOU
Smith, Jonnu MIA
Smythe, Durham MIA TE
Trautman, Adam DEN

Rookie Picks


1 spot left to fill! Come join a good group of veteran dynasty owners!

If you sent me a DM recently and I did not reply it is because I didnt get it. Please let me know. :-)

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