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12 team Contract Dynasty League need 1 (1 Viewer)


12 team Contract Dynasty League need 1 owner for a 2 team dispersal draft. If you want a lot of off season activity this league provides it. We have Franchise tags, Transition tags, free agent auctions, and a rookie draft. 

League fee is $100 per year, held by Leaguesafe and all paid out after MFL fee. League fee is due when you join.


The player pool for the dispersal draft is all players from teams Vacant 1 and Vacant 2, and draft picks 1.01, 1.03,  2.03,  3.01, 3.03

We have a great, stable, group of owners. Join us for good fair competition.



Some of the players avaliable in the 2 team dispersal draft.

QB: Ryan, M. Jones 

RB: Akers, Dillon, Gibson, Henderson, Mitchell, Henry 

WR: Aiyuk, Anderson, Green, Lazard, M. Brown, Claypool, Gallup, Harry, Jefferson, Metcalf, Sutton

TE: Andrew's, Freiermuth, Howard

Picks: 1.01, 1.03, 2.03, 3.01, 3.03



We will reduce first years league fee to $50 for this last spot. 

Several very good players avaliable for a two team dispersal.


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