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12 Team Dynasty League, 1 open team, Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


Rookie/free agent draft 8 May.

Entry fee is $100.

Team finished 3rd last year.

Prizes $610/$255/$150 and $75 for 16 week total points leader. $10 per week for top total points weeks 11-13 to keep everyone interested.

2nd year dynasty league. 12 teams, 1 division, play each team twice. Leaguesafe.com. bonus for long touchdowns, over 300 yrds passing and 100 yrds receiving or rushing.In-season 25 player roster with 3 player taxi squad; 30 in off-season. 2 regular flex positions and 1 FULL=FLEX- QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D.ROLLING WAIVERS!http://www23.myfanta...13/home/43435#0Check rules>bylaws at website for all details.


Joe Flacco

Andy Dalton

Christian Ponder

Marshawn Lynch

Maurice Jones-Drew

Michael Turner

Danny Woodhead

Montario Hardesty

Ronnie Brown

Roddy White

Miles Austin

Davone Bess

Nate Burleson

Damian Williams

Brandon Gibson

Early Doucet

Brandon Stokley

Michael Jenkins

Rob Gronkowski

Ben Watson

Stephen Gostkowski

Seb Janikowski





1.10, 2.03. 3.10. 4.03. 5.10. 6.03

also all picks form 2014.

Let me know if interested.Starfire58.burke@gmail.com


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