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12 team dynasty league on MFL looking for two new owners (1 Viewer)


We are a 12 team dynasty league using MFL that is currently looking to fill openings for two one team. Roster includes:

Aaron Rodgers, Matt Forte, DeMarco Murray, Stevan Ridley, DeSean Jackson, Vincent Jackson, Stevie Johnson...

The league rules and rosters can be viewed at:


The league rules/by-laws are being reviewed and addressed this off-season so new owners will be able to have a say in how the league will be run in the future. Rosters are at 20 players but will expand with upcoming 3rd draft to maximum roster size of 23 players. Currently the league fee is $31 per team and that covers MFL site fees and the rest is paid out to the top four teams through the playoffs.

Please feel free to ask any questions here or you can contact me at ravensguy36@yahoo.com



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Somewhat interested in Open Team #1. Who will be the Commish & what draft picks are available for Open Team #1? How long has this league been in existence?

Sorry for all the questions, but I don't want to join without full knowledge.




The original post was edited for the non-appearance of one of the league owners. The league had replaced the two teams that had left at the beginning of the off-season. This latest team had said they were returning but failed to show for the draft or responde to numerous attempts to contact.

Please look over the league and let me know if you have any questions.


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