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12 team PPR league; $75 entry fee; $450 to first (1 Viewer)


  • Established 12 team high scoring PPR league needs two players.
  • Very fun, mildly competitive league. 
  • $75 entrance fee with $450 to first
  • Majority of players are in Washington, D.C. area, but any areas are welcome.
  • 6 points for passing TDs
  • Yardage bonuses for long passing, receiving, or rushing TDs
  • Bonus for high yardage games.
  • League Constitution is below for full rules.
  • Repond on FBG or email me at mjm47@aol.com if interested.

Fantasy football is supposed to be fun. Since there is cash involved, we have some rules. 

1 point for every 10 rushing and receiving yards 
1 point for every 20 passing yards 
1 point per reception 
TDs are worth 6 points 
Full details of the scoring system are found elsewhere on the site. 

In season ties are determined by the highest scoring bench. 

Rosters must be legal at all times. It is each player's responsibility to make sure their roster is accurate and legal. 

Allowance will made for a day or two between games or after trades or add/drops at commissioner's discretion and based on standards of reasonability. 

We use a fixed roster, but with 1 flex player who is either a RB, WR or TE. You must have 1 flex player on the active roster. 

We have a total of 17 positions. You must have 10 total between RB and WR with no less than 4 and no more than 6 at any one position. After than you must have at least 1 of QB, TE, K, DST and no more than 3 at any position. 
You must start a player in every position for your lineup to be legal. 

The league uses a Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) to acquire new players. Each team will have a budget of $250 (pretend money) to acquire players throughout the season. The FAAB process will run Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat nights throughout the season starting with the Tuesday after Week 1 games are completed. This is a blind bidding process so you will not know what other teams bid. Zero $ bids are not allowed so the minimum bid is $1. Money does not carry over from season to season. 

FAAB budget may be traded in exchange for a player or as part of a trade. 

Once the playoffs start, teams that do not make the playoffs or teams that lose their playoff games are not allowed to drop players. If a player from these teams is dropped, the remaining playoff teams are not allowed to add that player 

Trades will be allowed up until the trade deadline. The trade deadline will be before the first game of the 11th week of the season. The commissioner must approve all trades. If the commissioner is involved in a trade, the commissioner's delegate (back-up commissioner) must approve the trade. 

All trades will be approved unless there is CLEAR evidence of collusion or of tanking. 

FAAB budget can be used in a trade. 

The last regular season game is Week 13. Playoffs begin in Week 14 and the Super Bowl is Week 16. The two division winners with the highest records will receive first round byes. 

Playoffs and seedings will automatically be set by CBS according to the following tie breakers in order: Head to Head, Division Record, Total Points, and Points Against. 

Teams will be reseeded after each round. 

There will be a consolation playoff bracket for those who don't qualify for the real playoffs. The intent is to give these losers something to look forward to in their otherwise dreary lives and to keep them actively participating in the league. Seeding will be done according to the same rules. 

Rules will generally be put to a league wide vote, but the commissioner is empowered to make changes as needed recognizing that he runs the risk of being accused of being Goodellian if he does this. 

Polls will be posted to the league site. A quorum of 8 votes is needed and a simple majority will be required for rules or policies to pass. 

League Entry fee is $150 ($75 for 2017 & 2018) . Payment at the draft is strongly encouraged and payment must be made prior to the first game of Week 3. If payment is not made by the start of Week 3, 10 points will be deducted off of your score for each week that you are late. So for example you would be -10 pts in Week 3, -20 pts in Week 4 and so on. Exceptions will be considered in very rare cases, but prior approval must be received from the commissioner. In no cases will teams who haven't paid prior to the start of Week 13 make the playoffs or be invited to return to the league the following year. 

Payout amounts as follows: (Payouts cut in half for 2017 & 2018 season.) Super Bowl Champion: $900 ($450); Runner-Up: $350 ($175); 3rd Place: $150 ($75); High Points for Regular season: $150 ($75). Winner of consolation bracket: $100 ($50). 


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