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12 tm Dyno Superflex DEVY $55 LeagueSafe (1 Viewer)

Mike B

I have an opening in a dyno league. It’s a 12 team super flex as well but it is also a devy league so players in college (or younger if you want) are available to be drafted. It’s been running strong for over 5-6 years now with all great owners that keep it fun too. Buy in is $55. The team is below and has picks:






I would consider the team a little bit of a rebuild but I think an active owner could flip a few parts and draft their way to contention. Jimmy G and Darnold are the centerpieces here and in a superflex dynasty you’ve already got 2 young QBs to center around or flip for picks or other starting positions. Another hard to fill position at TE seems covered with Njoku and Hunter Henry.

 You can reply back here or email me at michaelbaroz@yahoo.com and I'll handle requests on a fcfc basis. Just message me back if interested thanks guys enjoy your evening.





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Edited post failed to include pick 2.05 which would be quite handy. Also updated links for 2019

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