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14 team contract dynasty startup on RSO $50 (1 Viewer)


Outta This World Football League

2 spots left!!

14 team contract dynasty league start up on Reality Sports online, looking for year round active managers.

Annual league contest. Manager with the highest scoring player in week 5 wins NFL swag from Pristine Auction provided by league commish!

$50/ season buy in (League Safe) + 14.99 site hosting fee to RSO per season 
- 6pt Qb .5ppr + IDP 
-35 man roster 
-5 IR spots
 -5 practice squad spots 
-1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1RB/WR/TE Flex, 1K, 1DT, 1DE, 3LB, 2S, 2CB,1IDP flex
 -Slack channel for league 
communications Democratically run league, with all potential changes to be voted on by league.

Email dschaftari@gmail.com to get your spot before we fill up!

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