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$150 12 team (CBS) perpetual keeper league has opening (IDP) (1 Viewer)

Rusty Barr

We have been on CBS since 2001. Very little turnover. This year we had three drop out. We already have one spot filled. Two spots open right now. $150 to play each year and that includes the CBS fee. This is a deep deep keeper league with deep IDP and also a college football "minor league" keeper component. It is not full dynasty as we do not keep all the players each year on our roster, but we do get to keep most of our big stars on O and D and also our college keepers. (Each fall we have a 10 round seperate college draft, this is where you get your "minor league" keepers)

Most GMs in the league are in late 40's and have been playing fantasy football for a long long time. We welcome anyone of any age, I only say that about the ages of our GMs because I know some prefer to play in a league with younger GMs their own age. We are mostly a bunch of old guys.

As soon as we fill the two current openings, the three new GMs will draft the three rosters apart that are open. No one is inheriting keepers from those three departed GMs rosters. The dispersal draft date has not been set yet. We will have that new GM draft once we have the three new GMs. Hopefully within a couple of weeks or so.

I can give you references if you wish from others in this league or from some of the GMs in some of the other fantasy leagues I run... MLB, NHL and NBA. You can also check me out on EBAY...I am User ID: franco8308, I have over 600 transactions there and a 100% rating. I offer this cause I know there are a lot of scam artists and I am not one. I also want you to feel comfortable playing in a league where the fee is $150 a year and you dont know anyone up front. I use PayPal to collect and send prize money, but if you dont have PayPal I will work with you via personal checks.

If you are interested in checking us out, email me at ctf1995@yahoo.com and I will send you the link from CBS so you can come into our private league site and poke around our rule book and review players that will be in the keeper dispersal draft.

This league is not for everyone. It is a very very deep league with IDP and HUGE in-season rosters

ctf1995@yahoo.com again is my email. Thanks for reading through this.

I have been in this league for just under ten years and it has become my favorite by far. It is very competitive with a scoring system that brings the IDP aspect of the league to nearly the same level as the offensive side of the ball. There is a lot of trading and waiver wire action throughout the season and the owners know their stuff. Any and all league issues (and there have been very few in my time in the league) are dealt with fairly by some very dedicated commisioners. If you like to battle the best for your league title and are an avid fantasy football player as well as NFL fan then I highly recommend this league. Oh yeah, I know this is important for a lot of folks so I dramatically left it for last...PAYOUTS have always been done in a very timely fashion and there has been ZERO ISSUES with that aspect of this league. Come on and join us and I promise you'll enjoy the heck out of this league!

I as well have been a part of this league for 5+ years now and it is beyond a shadow of a doubt my favorite. We have built a very strong rapport over the years. I don't want to go on and on and repeat all the things mentioned above. They are all great points and truly give a great description of our league. I don't think you will find anything out there that is close to what we have and as dedicated to making your fantasy football experience truly a great one.

The one thing I can't stress enough is that it is a fair and honest league. We are all adults and enjoy the great fellowship and friendships that come along with a highly competitive league and scoring system.


If there are any openings left, I also would like to join this league. It sounds exactly like what I've been looking for. Please contact me at tomfitz10@gmail.com


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