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16 team dispersal, IDP, 225$ to join, 1-2 QB


One of the leagues i'm in, the commish left, the way he left was not the best way possible. I hate when i'm on a league and the commish left and the league get shut down. Me and a other owner took over as commish. The league is pretty good since everyone got a pretty strong club.  It's a 24 team leagues 2 copy instead of a 32 teams so that boost the strenght of the starting lienup. Also it's a 1-2 QB leagues and the defensive formation is 1DT-2DE-3LB-1CB-1S and 3 Flex that can be at any position and the defense position are pretty even. Nobody will need to rebuild, everyone can win right of the gate, the standing is super close every years. The dispersal will be around 16 teams (half the league) so you will have lot of options for players. It's 225$ to join (150$ yearly +75$ deposit) all throught leaguesafe

league link  https://www58.myfant...22/home/15425#0

Let me know if you interested on here or at martel57@hotmail.com

need 14 for 16 team dispersal