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16-Team NFL.com Keeper Money League, $40 entry paid thru league safe (1 Viewer)


Hey guys, I am looking for 2 replacement owners for this very competitive fantasy football keeper league. This league is heading into its 12th season. You are allowed to keep up to 3 players for last year's team in the rounds that they were either drafted in or last round if they were picked up via free agency. The rest of your team you draft in this year's draft. If you are interested in joining and would like to see the 2 teams available then please email at mjbnmr59755@gmail.com. Thanks!



Head to Head
16 Teams
4 Divisions (Randomized Every Year)
14 Regular Season Weeks (Week 1 – Week 14)
8 Playoff Teams, 3 Rounds (Week 15 – Week 17)

Draft Date: Sunday September 3rd @ 8 pm EST.

Roster Size = 16
1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 TE, 1 DST, 1 K
Active Roster = 9
Reserve Roster = 7

Keeper League: 3 Players can be kept by each team every year. Players can only be kept for 3 straight years then must enter the draft.

Snake Draft (Order determined by reverse of previous season standings)

Scoring Format:

Passing Yards: 1pt per every 25 yards

Passing TD’s: 4pts

Interceptions: -2pts

Rushing Yards: 1pt per every 10 yards

Rushing TD’s: 6pts

Receptions: 1pt

Receiving Yards: 1pt per every 10 yards

Receiving TD’s: 6pts

2-Point Conversions: 2pts

Fumbles Lost: -2pts

Sack: 1pt

Interception: 2pts

Fumble Recovered: 2pts

Safety: 2pts

Defensive TD’s: 6pts

Blocked Kicks: 2pts

Kickoff/Punt Returns: 6pts

0 Points Allowed: 5pts
1-6 Points Allowed: 4pts

7-13 Points Allowed: 3pts

14-20 Points Allowed: 2pts

21-27 Points Allowed: 1pt

28-34 Points Allowed: -1pt

35+ Points Allowed: -3pts

Less Than 100 Total Yards Allowed: 5pts

100-199 Yards Allowed: 3pts

200-299 Yards Allowed: 2pts

300-399 Yards Allowed: -1pt

400-449 Yards Allowed: -2pts

450-499 Yards Allowed: -3pts

500+ Yards Allowed: -5pts

PAT Made: 1pt

FG Made (0-39 yards): 3pts

FG Made (40-49 yards): 4pts

FG Made (50+ yards): 5pts


Entry Fee: $40
League Fees are paid through Leaguesafe.com

40 X 16 = $640

# 1 Seed = $40
# 2 Seed = $40
# 3 Seed = $20
# 4 Seed = $20
# 5 Seed = $10
# 6 Seed = $10

# 7 Seed = $10

# 8 Seed = $10

Advancement into 2nd round gets you $20

Advancement into Final round gets you $45

League Champ = $285

Consolation Winner =$25

Keeper System:

You may keep up to 3 players and will lose the round that they were initially drafted in or if picked up via free agency, the last round.

Year 1 - First year the player was either drafted or picked up via free agency
Year 2 - Your halfway there
Year 3 - Last year the player can be used on your team
Year 4 - Cannot be kept for this year and must be placed back in the draft

This demonstration is only for a player that has remained on your team for all those years. If you drop a player and pick up a player the keeper clock is reset. If you trade a player his keeper clock is NOT reset.

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