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1st draft pick and keepers (1 Viewer)


I'm in a 10 team PPR, 2 keeper league and have the #6 pick this year....my 2 keepers are RB cook (2nd) and WR thielen (10th)...IU could also pick from 1 of these guys, OBJ (1st) aaron rogers (1st), t. hill (4th) or c. hogan (8th)....I think going RB/WR is the best bet tho...and thielen for my 10th pick?...golden....So...who to look at with #6....these are the rest of the leagues keepers....

j. howard, z. ertz, crabtree, freeman, kelce, carr,, elliot, bell, gordan, fournette, hopkins, gurley, j. jones, hunt, johnson, mccaffery went and watson....

Ill actually have 3 picks before me and I think I need to go RB...here are my top 4...barkley, kamara, OBJ, a. brown...after that..I dont know who to look at...any suggestions on draft pick OR if I should keep someone else is appreciated!!!

Agree about your keepers. Keeping Hill is really tempting but don’t think you find a RB with Cook’s potential in the 2nd. Wouldn’t blame you though for keeping Hill and Theilen and grabbing RBs in the first few rounds. 

With most of the stud RBs kept just grab who you like.

Who the heck is the Kamara owner keeping over him?

Normally Cook is a 2d round player, so paying a second is breaking even.  But with 10 RBs being kept, and 8 are top 12 players overall, it makes Cook a solid 1st round pick, so great value in the mid-second.  Don't over-think it, take Cook.

Only 4 WR were kept.  That means, comparatively, that position is much deeper than RB.  But don't get sucked in by that.  By ADP, after the RBs kept and Barkley and Kamara are off the board, the next available RB is McKinnon at 23 and Mixon at 24.  If Kamara and Barkley are gone (they will be) then go WR at 1.6 even if Brown and OBJ are gone.  The next three best players by ADP are Thomas, Allen and Adams.  I like any one of those three much more than reaching for McKinnon or Mixon.

Our rules are that you can only keep a player if they were drafted...kamara wasnt drafted thus he is available...I appreciate the responses guys!!!


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