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2 BRUTAL keeper decisions - help! (1 Viewer)


10-team non PPR league, need to choose between:

  • Jerrick McKinnon in the 10th or Derrick Henry in the 7th?
  • Ju-Ju in the 9th or Josh Gordon in the 16th?
I can only keep one RB and one WR from the above. Leaning towards Henry and Gordon...but value your opinions. Will answer yours!


Certainly understand the risk on Gordon, but leaning towards him based on the seven round difference in value and his upside potential.

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McKinnon and JuJu.

The expected return for a typical 9th round pick is pretty small so I think it's better to take JuJu if you rate Josh Gordon higher.

i really dont like mckinnon, but at that value he would be my choice over henry. Gordon for your WR

see mine please https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/769331-tough-keeper-call-whir-10056/


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