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2 open teams in 12 team IDP league $30 (1 Viewer)


We have 2 opens in 12 team IDP league.
Roaster size - 55.
Total Starters - 19 (1 QB)
Total IDP starters - 10
Rookie draft round - 7

League rules - https://www47.myfantasyleague.com/2023/options?L=53112&O=26

Open team 1 - https://www47.myfantasyleague.com/2023/options?L=53112&O=07&F=0002
Draft pick 1.5 (all 7 round picks from 5 spot and all future picks)

Open team 2 - https://www47.myfantasyleague.com/2023/options?L=53112&O=07&F=0007
Only one pick available in this year draft 7.8. Have all future picks and team is free for 2023.

we use group me for communication.


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