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2 Owners Needed for 12 team PPR Dynasty league (1 Viewer)

Dead Monkeys

I am looking for 2 active owners to take over existing teams in a 12 team dynasty PPR League. We will be using league safe and the entry fee is $50. Rules and rosters are at: http://www3.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/15094#0 Also, the draft each year has developmental players....we can draft a total of 12 college players for the whole week, so teams with a * are college guys. Email me at football at drdean.net if you are interested...We need owners in place ASAP.

First come first served for the following teams:

Team 1 "Van Buren Boys"

Barkley, M
Gabbert, B
Rodgers, A
Smith, G
Bush, M
Green-Ellis, B
Jackson, F
McFadden, D
Starks, J
Taylor, S
Binns, A
Johnson, C
Royal, E
Sanders, E
Smith, S
Smith, S
Thomas, D
White, R
Fleener, C
Olsen, G
Pettigrew, B
Thomas, J
Nugent, M
Cowboys, D
Falcons, A
Texans, H

Team 2 "Shadows of Tomorrow"
Newton, C
Tannehill, R
* Yeldon, T
Brown, B
Ingram, M
Lattimore, M
Murray, L
Spiller, C
Stacy, Z
Stewart, J
* Green-Beckham, D
Allen, K
Brown, V
Gordon, J
Hill, S
Jeffery, A
Johnson, C
Patterson, C
Bennett, M
Escobar, G
Housler, R
McDonald, V
Thompson, T
Willson, L
Zuerlein, G
Browns, C

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