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2 potential Tyreek Hill offers (1 Viewer)


Standard scoring - 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE - I am currently 3-6 and need to win 3/4 of the remaining games to have a shot at the playoffs, hence looking to move Hill because of his bye week and also a bit concerned about his inconsistent play and injury.

QB - Goff

RB - Kamara, Chubb, D Cook, Keryyon Johnson, D Henry

WR - Hill, Golladay, Tate, Boyd, ARob

TE - Gronk, Njoku

I have been offered Brown for Hill/Boyd, OR Evans straight up. I am leaning towards Brown because of the clear tier upgrade and I am also winning on the BYE (same with Evans). Boyd is also in the same class of WR as Golladay, Tate, and arguably AROB so I'm not losing much there.

evans is also tempting since his bye has past.  

Thoughts? Do you take the Brown deal or Evans deal?

With Green going to miss more than a couple of games you are giving up to much by giving up Boyd, he is no longer in the same class as Tate, Golladay and Arob. I would see if they would take Hill and Tate instead.

As beerbuff mentioned, Boyd is a cut above the other depth you have at WR.  I would have it as Boyd>>Golladay>Tate>>>>>>>A-Rob

I would move Hill & A-Rob for Brown and would try that counter. 

I don't really think moving Hill for Evans does anything for you - other than a bye replacement.  That is still two weeks away and you may already be out of it by then and not have to worry about it.  I would keep Hill over Evans. 


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